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Aaron and Ivan Podcast Aaron Staebell and Ivan Trevino
African Music Activists International Library of African Music
Ajax Diner Book Club Charles Hale

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The music podcast category encompasses a diverse range of shows focused on all aspects of music, from the creation and production of music to the cultural impact and history of various genres. Some music podcasts may feature interviews with musicians, producers, and industry insiders, exploring their experiences and insights on music-making and the music industry. Other podcasts may focus on dissecting and analyzing popular songs, examining their lyrics, composition, and production techniques.

Music podcasts may also explore the history of different genres and musical movements, tracing their evolution and impact on culture and society. Some shows may spotlight emerging artists and new music releases, providing listeners with a fresh perspective on the latest trends in music. Music podcasts can be a great resource for music lovers, aspiring musicians, and industry professionals, offering a mix of entertainment and education on all things music-related.