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Scaramanga With The Golden Silk

1h 7m · Inspirado Projecto by CEC · 14 Oct 03:43

DJ Scaramanga Silk reveals the secret meaning of “Designer Scribble”, what makes Crystore Inc so unique, the Disney Method (Dreamer, Realist, Critic), cheap thrills, and more! Plus Maria Humphreys and Man Behind The Machine say hello! Henry D Horse gives us another Fun Fact! Stay ‘till the end, for a very coded message by Atlas Dragon from the Texas Branch of The Varelse Bridge Society! Find Scaramanga's album "Designer Scribble" here- . Check out Varelse Bridge Society here- . If you'd like to indulge in Silk's improv comedy, check out his tweets - . His cleverly curated page dedicated to performance art pranksters KLF is here - Check out DJ Scaramanga Silk's personal website for a treasure trove of info-

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