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Trusting the process

Broken And Beautiful · 20:52 playtime ·

how about trusting the process. God is making your testimony for you. our guest Kate gets vulnerable with us as she shares her journey. Live laugh and love.

hello welcome to broken and beautiful a Kenyan based podcast. Am your host Ms.kioko. This platform is all about faith and mental health and wellness. It has two segments a guest segment and story/therapeutic segment. the guest segment on our show aims at telling African stories and gaining insights from experts on various topics affecting the youth. on the other segment i talk about my stories to help encourage a soul reminding them its possible to make it on the other side. I do it with an aim of setting up a safe space for me and my listeners. Accepting its okay not to be okay and Accepting Gods perfect will upon our lives. I look forward to this new journey. Thank you.

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