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1m · Art Snap’s Podcast · 09 Nov 03:09

A sneak peek at our new podcast for art lovers, exploring one famous work of art at a time. Meet your hosts, Claire and Zach, as they share the stories behind their favorite pieces.

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Ep. 3 - "Infinity Nets" (1950s - 1960s) by Yayoi Kusama

Nearing artist Yayoi Kusama’s 95th birthday, we look at some of her early works from the 1950’s – 60’s, the “Infinity Nets” series. With their simple color palettes and repetitive pattern, they seem to go on forever – into infinity! A part of the artist’s meditative practice, the act of creating them was a way to focus and calm the mind. An important foundation of her practice and future body of work, this series has always been one of Claire’s favorites.

Check out more images of the artist's work on our Instagram.Like what you hear? Please rate us and follow along!

Bonus: Venice Biennale & Claire Rants About Art Education

Zach and Claire catch up between episodes to celebrate 2,600 downloads of the new podcast (thank you, all!) along with a little chat about travel plans to see the upcoming Venice Biennale art exhibition and a good, old-fashioned rant from Claire about the plight of art education.

Learn more about the Biennale - Venice’s 60th international art exhibition happening in 2024.

Ep. 2 - "Maman" (1999) by Louise Bourgeois

In episode 2, Zach and Claire take a look at one of Zach's favorite pieces - Louise Bourgeois’ sculpture Maman (1999). At over 30 feet tall and 33 feet wide, the work is massive and, as we learn, is an ode to the artist’s mother.

Check out an image of the work on our Instagram - or see it in person at the Tate Modern Museum in London. Field trip anyone?

Ep. 1 - "Europe After The Rain II" (1940-1942) by Max Ernst

In episode 1, Claire and Zach look at "Europe After The Rain II" by Max Ernst, painted between 1940 - 1942. One of Claire's favorite pieces, Ernst's surrealist masterpiece uses color and technique to express personal and collective tragedy as the people of Europe suffer through two major wars.

The episode image has been cropped, but you can check it out on our Instagramand see it in person at the Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut.

What’s Art Snap All About, Anyhow?

Exactly how do we explain Art Snap? We're just two friends hanging out and talking about our favorite works of art... one piece at a time.

Launching soon!

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