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01/30/2024: US Faces South American Crime Waves & Ukraine's Corruption Worsens

35m · The Wright Report · 30 Jan 11:30

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In the January 30th episode, The Wright Report covers Joe Biden's campaign challenges with Arab Americans in Michigan and the increasing criminal activities by South American rings, especially from Chile. The episode marks the controversial case of an Arizona rancher and analyzes the halt of a natural gas terminal in Louisiana. It also delves into Ukraine's deepening corruption with a recent $40M scandal. Bryan Dean Wright responds to a listener's query about a drone attack in Jordan, prompting a broader discussion on America's strategic response and future challenges.

The episode 01/30/2024: US Faces South American Crime Waves & Ukraine's Corruption Worsens from the podcast The Wright Report has a duration of 35:09. It was first published 30 Jan 11:30. The cover art and the content belong to their respective owners.

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In today's edition of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright brings a specialized focus to the complex situation in Ukraine with an Executive Brief, reminiscent of the in-depth analysis provided to Presidents following their interest in a Daily Brief. This episode echoes a previous deep dive into North Korea on January 19th, now turning our attention to Ukraine amidst its ongoing turmoil. Wright leverages his experience as a former CIA Operations Officer to unpack the intricacies of Ukraine's current situation, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the geopolitical, economic, and social factors at play. This Executive Brief aims to offer a thorough insight into Ukraine, reflecting on its historical context, present challenges, and potential future scenarios that are shaping both the nation and its impact on the global stage.

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02/26/2024: University Student Murdered by Illegal Alien that Biden's Policies Allowed into the USA

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In today's edition of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright tackles a range of pressing issues that are shaping America and the world. We start with the tragic murder of a woman in Georgia by an illegal alien, delving into the details of the incident, the background of the perpetrator, and offering practical advice on how to safeguard against such threats. Next, we delve into the intersection of fake news and the AI revolution, spotlighting a Google product accused of harboring anti-white and pro-Democrat biases, and discussing the broader implications for society regardless of political affiliation or race. Lastly, we provide a diverse set of updates from previous briefs, covering topics from Sweden to Kiribati, European farmer protests, and innovative ways to combat loneliness, hinting at the benefits of physical activity.

02/23/2024: Buck Sexton!

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