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Mets fans shouldn't even think playoffs

43m · Brandon Tierney & Sal Licata · 12 Apr 18:08

Hour 3- BT thinks that Mets fans need to sit back and enjoy the season and not be ride or die with the playoffs!

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BT & Sal salute the Knicks for a tremendous season, but then shift attention to this offseason as they give their opinions on how the Knicks can get better. Who needs to go from the current roster? Plus, Tyrese Haliburton wishes he was like Trae Young. Also, what is the big move the Knicks should make this summer? Finally, Edwin Diaz is a disaster, and Call of the Day.

Celebrating a tremendous Knicks season

Hour 1- BT & Sal give a massive salute to the 2023-24 Knicks, after their season ended in the Conference Semifinals in Game 7 vs the Pacers yesterday. Then, as they shift their attention to this offseason, BT & Sal ask: who needs to go from this current roster to make the Knicks better?

Tyrese Haliburton wishes he was an actual Knicks villain

Hour 2- BT & Sal talk about Tyrese Haliburton wearing a Reggie Miller choke sweatshirt after the Pacers eliminated the Knicks yesterday, and Sal says that Haliburton is soft and wishes he could have actually hurt the Knicks like Trae Young and Reggie Miller did. Plus, a story of getting a ticket to Game 7 that you have to hear to believe.

Knicks are one offseason move away from winning a Title

Hour 3- BT & Sal express their love for this Knicks team, but look forward to this offseason and lay out a plan for how the Knicks can leave no doubt as title contenders for next year. Which player do they think should be traded? Plus, are the Yankees peaking too early?

Edwin Diaz is a disaster

Hour 4- BT & Sal recap another horrendous performance and blown save from Edwin Diaz, and they say he might never be the same pitcher again. Plus, Call of the Day.

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