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The Happy Pod: The Centenarian Stargazer

26m · Global News Podcast · 13 Apr 11:01

This week, we meet the 105 year-old man celebrating his thirteenth total solar eclipse. Also: The AI technology giving back a voice to the voiceless. And our intrepid reporter goes in search of the crookie.

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The Happy Pod: Punching a crocodile to save her sister

We hear from Georgia Laurie on the 'superhero move' to save her twin sister from a crocodile that's earned her a bravery award from King Charles. Her sister Melissa tells us how Georgia's singing helped her fight for her life. Also: Bringing the joy of Irish dancing to a global stage -- the Gardiner Brothers, Michael and Matthew, talk about their rise to social media fame. We go to Thailand to find out what happens if you let children take control of their school. Sven the heartbroken reindeer finds new love after generous donors helped pay for a new stable mate. Why Stevie Wonder wanted to become a citizen of Ghana. And the girls football team who went from losing every game to winning their local cup -- beating a boys team five divisions above them. Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world.

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