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¿Qué Haría Jesús? logo
Septiembre 29: “Sinceros a los ojos de Dios.” ¿Qué Haría Jesús? 29 Sep 06:00

Hoy escucharemos a @pevanibaldo_diazlc reflexionar sobre el Evangelio de de San Lucas (1, 47-51). 

Un podcast del Regnum Christi parte de

Elite Agent Secrets, Start, Grow and Scale Your Real Estate Business logo
Let's Get into action - strategies, game plan etc. ft. Cole Whisenhunt Elite Agent Secrets, Start, Grow and Scale Your Real Estate Business 29 Sep 06:00

9 years in Real Estate, 900 transactions, Top 1% agent in city of 1600 realtors, Named rookie of the year in 2015, voted on by agents in our company as culture award winner 2x (Most represents God, family and business). Top 150 team in the state of Texas.

[PARTNER WITH US] Get instant 1-on-1 access to over 26 of the top agents in the...

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Biopic of a Quiet Hero, Nicholas Winton Breakpoint 29 Sep 06:00

In December 1938, British stockbroker Nicholas Winton canceled a ski vacation and instead traveled to Prague.  There, as the German military began its occupation of Czechoslovakia, he worked with friends to savethe lives of 669 Jewish children. When he returned to London, Winton raised money to purchase train tickets and passports, and cut through red tape so that the children could be placed in...

Chronique économique M3 logo
Krach immobilier en vue ? Chronique économique M3 29 Sep 05:55
Il n y a pas de krach immobilier en Belgique malgré la hausse brutale des taux d'intérêt. Les prix de l'immobilier font même de la résistance. Amid Faljaoui, directeur du magazine économique Trends Tendances nous en donne les raisons.
Joy FM Super Morning Show logo
Joy Super Morning Show Joy FM Super Morning Show 29 Sep 05:50
Prime morning show analysing and discussing news and topical issues in Ghana, interspersed with music and listener interactions
First Up – A GoLoud Original by Newstalk logo
First Up- 29th September 2023 First Up – A GoLoud Original by Newstalk 29 Sep 05:45

Friday 29th September: First Up – A GoLoud Original by Newstalk.

All the news you need to start your day, from the Newstalk team. This bitesize podcast will bring you up to speed each morning.

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Documentales Sonoros logo
Cazadores de enigmas: Cleopatra · La Atlántida Documentales Sonoros 29 Sep 05:32
Con una riqueza y un poder inimaginables, Cleopatra fue la mujer más importante de su época, pero ¿cómo es posible que la mujer más famosa del mundo antiguo siga desaparecida?.La Atlántida, el subcontinente insular perdido y a menudo idealizado, ha cautivado a soñadores, ocultistas y seguidores de la corriente new age a lo largo de generaciones. ¿Qué sucedió?
Ekonomiekot logo
Ekonomiekot 2023-09-29 kl. 07.32 Ekonomiekot 29 Sep 05:32

Ekonomiekot är Ekots nyhetsprogram om senaste nytt i ekonomins värld.

8:10 logo
Jutronauci: A co, jeśli w Polsce zabraknie migrantów? 8:10 29 Sep 05:30
Polska dopiero od niedawna jest jednorodna etnicznie. Od kilku lat do Polski znów emigrują ludzie z całego świata. Ale to może się zmienić - już od kilku lat migracja ekonomiczna do UE spada. Pracodawcy alarmują, że to może mieć katastrofalny wpływ na polską gospodarkę. Jednak czy na pewno? Kiedy i skąd do Polski będą napływać uchodźcy klimatyczni? I jak zmienią nasze społeczeństwo? O tym...
Pack-A-Day: Your Daily Packers Podcast logo
Packers/Lions Gut Reactions Pack-A-Day: Your Daily Packers Podcast 29 Sep 05:29
On today's show, join Jimmy and Nathan as they give their gut reactions to a disappointing Packers loss at home to the Detroit Lions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aeropuerto Jazz Café logo
Aeropuerto Jazz Café 0773 Aeropuerto Jazz Café 29 Sep 05:25 Programa 0773 - V29/09/2023 - Amaury Faye - Albert Vila - Willie Morris - Darden Purcell - Andrew Danforth ENLACES DE AUDIO EN NUESTRA WEB y en #jazz #podcast #aeropuertojazzcafé EN FM CANARIAS: 7.7 Radio Gran Canaria Radio Sol Maspalomas Radio Insular de Lanzarote Radio Sintonia Fuerteventura Radio Tiempo Tenerife Onda Universal Tenerife Jaleo Press Radio .
Le jour où logo
1973 : le match mythique de boxe entre Bouttier et Monzon Le jour où 29 Sep 05:23
Dans le jour où, tous les soirs du lundi au vendredi, le passé éclaire le présent : grâce à ses archives, la rédaction d'Europe 1 fait le récit d'un événement relié à l'actualité.
Come Follow Me- Daily Dose logo
Sept 29- Gal 5:16-25 Come Follow Me- Daily Dose 29 Sep 05:22

Today we talk about the power that comes into our lives as we walk by the Spirit, and how to learn to recognize the Spirit in our lives.

Kalendárium logo
29. září: Co se stalo v tento den Kalendárium 29 Sep 05:15
Pořad Kalendárium můžete nyní poslouchat na novém audioportále Českého rozhlasu
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Matos and Lovelace - Destination Jungle 28 Sept 2023 24/7 - Main DnB Channel 29 Sep 05:13
Recorded 2023-09-29 00:13:36
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Sports Gambling Podcast logo
NFL Prop Bets Week 4 (Ep. 1762) Sports Gambling Podcast 29 Sep 05:10
The guys (@GamblingPodcast) give out their favorite NFL player props in this NFL prop bets week 4 podcast. They're joined by The Man In The Box aka C.J. Sullivan (@CJSullivan_) from The Bottom Line Bombs to talk their favorite NFL props. Additionally they talk about the Lions win over the Packers and give out their favorite NFL week 4 parlays. Podcast Timecodes Join the...
Pitcher List Fantasy Baseball logo
ITP 58 - Relief Pitcher Awards Pitcher List Fantasy Baseball 29 Sep 05:03
Rick Graham (@IAmRickGraham), Callen Elslager (@callen_elslager), and Jake Crumpler (@jakecrumpler) hand out the awards for reliever of the year, rookie reliever of the year, breakout reliever of the year, and comeback reliever of the year. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
City Manager Unfiltered logo
James Freed vs ICMA: Recording of an Assassination Attempt | Ep. 18 City Manager Unfiltered 29 Sep 05:01

Port Huron City Manager James Freed had never been the subject of an ethics complaint. That is until he raised concerns about the social media activities of Martha Perego, the "ethics guru" at the International City/County Management Association.

When he got a call from Perego's subordinate, Jessica Cowles, just a few weeks later, his "Spidey-sense" tingled. He asked to call her back so he...

NAB Morning Call logo
Weekend Edition: Is NetZero transitioning us to higher inflation? NAB Morning Call 29 Sep 05:00

Friday 29th September 2023

Please note this communication is not a research report and has not been prepared by NAB Research analysts. Read the full disclaimer here.

The races is on to meet the 2050 NetZero target, and the 2030 target of 82% renewable energy. Australia isn’t the only country racing for the same finish line. Virginia Christie says the demand for inputs to...

Kids4Truth Clubs Devos logo
The Lord Can Keep Us from Sinning Kids4Truth Clubs Devos 29 Sep 05:00
Spominjamo se logo
Spominjamo se - 29. september 2023 Spominjamo se 29 Sep 05:00
Rubriko Spominjamo se pripravlja Uredništvo dokumentarnega programa na Radiu Ognjišče
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day logo
coax Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day 29 Sep 05:00

Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for September 29, 2023 is:

coax • \KOHKS\  • verb

To coax a person or animal is to influence or persuade them to do something by talking in a gentle and friendly way. Coax can also be used when someone is working to bring about something desired with great perseverance and usually with...

Chicken Soup for the Soul with Amy Newmark logo
Senior Moments Chicken Soup for the Soul with Amy Newmark 29 Sep 05:00
Hey, it’s Amy Newmark with your Chicken Soup for the Soul, and today I’m going to share a couple of stories with you from our newest book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Well That Was Funny. We’ve gathered some great storytellers to document the mishaps and misadventures of everyday life and celebrate humanity’s ability to laugh at itself. And today I’m going to share...
Les Matins Nostalgie - Philippe & Sandy logo
Le 6h/7h du 29/09 des Matins Nostalgie avec Philippe et Sandy ! Les Matins Nostalgie - Philippe & Sandy 29 Sep 05:00
Retrouvez Les Matins Nostalgie avec Philippe et Sandy du lundi au vendredi de 6h à 9h sur Nostalgie. Au programme : Bonne Musique et Bonne humeur.
Daily Joy: A 365-Day Devotional for Women logo
September 29 - See Daily Joy: A 365-Day Devotional for Women 29 Sep 05:00
We hope you enjoy today’s Scripture reading and devotional aimed at motivating you to apply God’s word while strengthening your heart and nurturing your soul. Today’s Bible reading is John 20. To read along with the podcast, grab a print copy of the devotional. Browse other resources from Joni EarecksonTada. ESV Bible narration read by Kristyn Getty. Follow us on social media to stay...
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