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Babes Of Valhalla

by babesofvalhalla

Two interplanetary space babes and their fellow midnight sisters discuss their experiences and opinions working in the sex industry, art, and the erotic taboo counter-culture they can’t stop talking about. These are the stories of badass bitches whose time is money, and love is conditional. Season 4 is coming in the Spring of 2023!

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Self Censored- Porn Hub vs The State of Utah

33m · Published 08 Aug 22:06

Porn Hub fights back against Utah when the state requires new conditions for adults to enter the site. This is the beginning of a long and difficult conversation on how to keep sex related activities available to consenting adults while restricting children from harmful content. We talk about what is harmful and what is educational, the current war on sex and kids safety play into so many of the conversations happening right now.

We don't come to a conclusion, but hope to continue the conversation as these proceedings continue.

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The History Of The Dildo

1h 6m · Published 18 Jul 14:55

Darby takes Charlie back in time through the history of the Dildo. Is that just a dick-shaped bread or a stiff sexy loaf? Do the babes hate karaoke more or less than complicated sex toys? Listen and find out!

Stalking: Stories of Creepy Customers

52m · Published 06 Jul 01:02

We know em, we don't like em'. The customers that push boundaries and try to be apart of your life outside the club. They want to get a little too close and get way out of line. Here are a few stories and thought on stalking, safety and why clients feel entitled to so much more than was promised.

Amsterdams Proposed Erotic Centre

36m · Published 23 Jun 16:40

Charlie and Darby discuss some SWrkr news with Amsterdams proposed erotic centre. Do you think this will be the sex mall that dreams are mad of? Or a thing of nightmares?

Customer Breakups

1h 4m · Published 07 Jun 12:00

Welcome to Season 4!

We are starting off with tales of customer break ups. Whether its the client or the entertainer, sometimes we got to draw a line and tell that special someone goodbye. Darby tells us of two instances when long term customer relationships had to end and how strange it can be when those same customers still frequent your place of work.

Also a fun reminder- Babes of Valhalla artwork ( drawn by Miss Darby) was featured in and on the cover of The Feminist Strip Clubs zine -" The Grind" issue 3! If you would like your own copy of the SW made zine go to Etsy and look up the Feminist Strip Club and use SPACEBABES20 on checkout for 20% off your order!!

Season 3 Finale

43m · Published 30 Dec 16:00

Our LAST episode for Season 3 is finally here. Life has been crazy for the babes, so they are looking forward to a break to re-center and work on some changes for Season 4. Listen to our latest episode to hear all about what's new with the babes and what's coming next 🚀🌟👽️✨💖

Somethings Wrong With Darby - A Spooky Special ”Far From Home”

29m · Published 25 Oct 20:23

Find out whats wrong with Darby and if she can be saved on todays Spooky Special story style "Far From Home" episode.

The History of The Folsom Street Fair

1h 12m · Published 05 Oct 08:22

Charlie brings on a special guest to discuss the history of the largest BDSM fairs in the world- The Folsom Street Fair.

We start with the kink, get into housing politics, move our way through marketing and end up in a sea of toys and live flogging performances. What more could you ask for in an education kink episode!

-Sources for this episode- The Power of Broken Hearts

In Magazine- A Brief History of Leather and the Gays

Youtube-History of the Folsom Street Fair with Gayle Rubin

SF Travel- Behind the Harness

Additional music - MidDream x ElleTerese

Cassidy Luxe Interview

32m · Published 30 Aug 16:25

Cassidy Luxe celebrated her first year as a full time Sex Worker this early Spring. Darby talks to her about how she entered the industry and how it sparked her journey into sexual self expression and a greater connection to her spirituality. Find more of Cassidy Luxe on Instagram @itscassidyluxe Twitter @itscassidyluxe and TikTok @Cluxee

Dancer Interview- Max

59m · Published 16 Aug 16:00

We know what it's like to be lady strippers but we know very little about the world of male stripping. Until now! Miss Charlie interviews the lovely Mr. Max about his experience as an erotic dancer! He gives us a little insight to club life, learning to be sensual, finding your personal style as well as his pole journey. On top of that we talk about his art, finding a community and a SW artist collective!

You can find the wonderful Max on instagram @therealaahk

and his performance group @tacomabirdsofparadise

Babes Of Valhalla has 60 episodes in total of non- explicit content. Total playtime is 39:08:48. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on July 29th 2022. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on April 17th, 2024 17:41.

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