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YuSkool Podcast

by AL Thompson

Welcome Aboard! you are about to get jazzed... Sit in and listen to me recording conversations with my friends and family in my garage,we are hitting some random topics but will keep it interesting as much as possible. Pass the time with us as you drive or are sitting at your office desk.


Ep. 163 - Post Steak & Oyster pt.3

24m · Published 16 May 01:00

So this episode takes place in Fred's backyard and we are joined by Fred himself, Richie, Mitch, Roe, Matt, Cook, AL.

We peel back the curtain of the actual Steak & Oyster performance.

Sounds like we recieved a 8.5 from the group.

162 - Steak & Oyster pt 2 - Choreography with Courtney // Joe // Matteo // AL

15m · Published 07 May 19:28

So this is what happens when you mix backstreet boys , Nsync & New Kids on the Block

Ep. 161 Pre Steak & Oyster - 1st Practice - Roe // Matteo // AL

53m · Published 26 Apr 21:44

Practice how you play.

Ok we just finished our first real practice after our choreographer Courtney Bulen taught us all our sweet dance moves.

This is a glimpse into our minds and what our confidence and moral was like at this point in the game. Hope you enjoy!!

Ep. 160 with Hank Postma / AL Thompson

52m · Published 19 Apr 16:40

Ep. 159 Post Almond Blossom 2024 with Mama Emilia // AL feat Matteo // Fred // Mary // Ashley

1h 44m · Published 05 Mar 01:30

Almond Blossom 2024 is a wrap and join us to hear how it all went

158 - pre Ripon Almond Blossom podcast 2024

44m · Published 28 Feb 22:20

Vanessa Marlow , Matteo Cultrera , Richie Machado , Eddie Bettencourt , Brad Van Elderen , John Roe , Andy Tyhurst & AL T

158 Pre Almond Blossom Highlight Reel

1m · Published 28 Feb 22:15

here is a sneak peak of what we talked about

Vanessa Marlow , Matteo Cultrera , Richie Machado , Eddie Bettencourt , Brad Van Elderen , John Roe , Andy Tyhurst and myself AL T

Ep. 155 End of the year wrap-up // Coach Fred // AL

1h 30m · Published 15 Jan 13:00

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