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Blowing Smoke BBQ

by Kendall Bryant

Love to cook meat? Obsessed with what's on the smoker and the way you cook it? Hosted by Chef & Entrepreneur Kendall Bryant, the all new Blowing Smoke BBQ Podcast features BBQ recipes and tips, conversations with the best chefs in the world and is all the meat talk you've been longing for!

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Blowin Smoke with Marcus Chavez

38m · Published 08 Jul 01:52

Marcus has a background in Meat Cutting and competes on the BBQ Circuit! Tons of knowledge from this guy! The OG of Hustler by the Pound!

All things Meat with CAB Meat Scientist Diana Clark

1h 3m · Published 24 Jun 00:55

This awesome lady is my go to for any Meat questions I have! She can break down beef by every muscle and it is amazing!

Olympian Frank Molinaro joins the show

52m · Published 24 Apr 04:59

2016 Olympian Coach Frank Molinaro joins us to talk about his journey to compete at the highest level possible. When his Nutrition was not up to par he found himself out of a huge tournament and watching for days. Love chatting with such a great guy about his mindset that went into becoming an athlete at the highest level

Catching up with Big Jim Stancil

54m · Published 25 Mar 14:58

Big Jim has been around the block a time or two in the BBQ world. Here we talk about sharing knowledge with others and using high quality meats like Certified Angus Beef and how it puts you a few steps ahead in the game. Jim likes to cook over Charcoal and Wood and loves the challenge of it.

Blowing Smoke with Evan Van Dun

46m · Published 20 Mar 15:04

Evan Van Dun has become quite the chef since starting out on a gas grill....with almost 22k followers on his IG page mostly about BBQ he has influenced many with his tips and tricks. Follow along as we hear his story and passion about BBQ!

Episode 4 with Jason Nolf

54m · Published 08 Feb 22:16

Jason talks about his clean eating habits to drop weight to get to the Olympic Trials. How cooking on a Traeger helps him do it that

BBQ with Porter Kinney

1h 4m · Published 28 Jan 14:16

Pitmaster and owner of Porters Real BBQ dives into his start of business...building his food truck out of an old motorhome to multiple locations putting out top notch que. Porters BBQ was featured on DDD with his Beef Short Ribs! You don't want to miss out on this.

BBQ with Bo Nickal

53m · Published 23 Jan 00:27

Bo Nickal is a 3x NCAA Wrestling Champion. U23 World Champion and Hodge Trophy Winner. Bo and I connected through Instagram when I saw him grilling steaks in his IG Story. We have grown a friendship in Wrestling and BBQ. We dive into those College days of grilling and what it took to elevate his grill game.

BBQ talk with Justin Basch

48m · Published 21 Jan 19:09

Justin is the Host of Baschamania podcast. Justin was new to Smoking Food when I met him and has really elevated his BBQ game. We dive into the different types of Rubs and Sauces he likes as well as the Quality of Meat he buys!

The Blowing Smoke BBQ Podcast Trailer

50s · Published 28 Dec 22:43

I can't wait to start sharing and talking all things meat, BBQ, business, and more with you guys and girls!

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