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HCM Technology Report

by Evergreen Podcasts

The latest news and developments in HCM Technology.

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Creatio's Andie Dovgan on Why Low Code's in Your Future

17m · Published 21 Dec 19:54
We’re going to talk about no-code development and why you should care about it, how Creatio goes about its work and more.

DEC 19: ShiftPixy Launches Fast Fill; Employees Look For New Opportunities

4m · Published 19 Dec 20:16
Fast Fill is designed to connect workers through mobile technology, and encourage them to immediately sign up for available shifts.

Shifting Landscapes in Talent Acquisition

16m · Published 16 Dec 19:46
Candidate’s model adds a human touch to talent acquisition by including personal referrals with each profile.

DEC 12: Phenom Expands Partnership With UKG; an Acquisition for LumApps

4m · Published 12 Dec 18:36
This week: Phenom expands partnership with UKG for to build a better candidate experience, LumApps makes a buy

Jumping on the Skills Bandwagon with John Baldino of Humareso

15m · Published 09 Dec 15:00
John Baldino, President of Humareso, talks with Mark Feffer on this episode of PEOPLETECH about building stronger HR software, and how the skills trend seems to be all talk and no action. One way HR tech platforms are failing is by having a weak dashboard. This part of the application should provide an optimized "at a glance" view of critical data points and tasks that require action. However, it seems as if most of these platforms are designed around HR compliance, data, and metrics...yet that shouldn't be their approach. It's unfortunate that these platforms are used by employees, HR, and also finance. That typically forces designers to choose who to build the platform for, so it's always going to be a losing scenario for someone. There are some hot buzzwords that are floating around in the industry lately, particularly skills, and up-skilling. While a focus on skills and its development is a noble pursuit, it's quite possible that a lot of these organizations are just blowing smoke. Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon on this topic without actually making any improvements to the skills development aspects of their platforms. We would like to extend a warm thank you to our friends at Fuel50 for sponsoring this podcast.

Candidates Have the Power with Allyn Bailey of SmartRecruiters

16m · Published 07 Dec 15:00
Allyn Bailey (Executive Director of Hiring Success at SmartRecruiters) talks with Mark Feffer about moving beyond resumes, the power of the applicant, and the dire need for us to agree on how to approach skills. We used to live in a very company-centric economy, and the paradigm of power has finally shifted towards the candidate. With this change comes the necessity to up your game. There are even situations where candidates can tell which hiring tools you're using, and prefer to not apply simply for that reason. The applicant has the means to look elsewhere for work, so with that comes the responsibility to transform your place of work into an organization worth investing in. On the topic of resumes, it seems as if the industry is finally evolving past the static idea of a piece of paper defining someone. Showing your skills will always be more important than stating them (or rather convincing the hiring manager that you have them). Self reporting should not be a way to judge an individual, and there's a possibility that in the near future what defines a good candidate will drastically change. Skills, however, has become such a hot topic in today's landscape that many business leaders can't agree on what direction to take. What does it look like to build a skills based job description? What is the correct assessment strategy? Higher level though like this is almost muddying the water in a sense, when it should be as simple as going back to the basics. What are the educational requirements, the technical requirements, and soft skills that accompany it. We can evolve recruiting without making it more complicated. We would like to extend a warm thank you to our friends at Fuel50 for sponsoring this podcast.

DEC 05: Shyft Careers Launches Hiring Dashboard; Xoxoday Partners With UKG

4m · Published 05 Dec 18:24
This week in HR Technology: Shyft Careers launches hiring dashboard; Xoxoday partners with UKG.

Retaining Human Interaction in HR with Jackye Clayton of Textio

17m · Published 05 Dec 16:30
Jackye Clayton (VP of TA and DE&I) at Textio talks with Mark Feffer about employee engagement tools, culture fits, customizable solution to employee solutions, and whether we have leaned too far into technology in the HR space. People get so hyper focused on their deliverables that they seem to forget that humans are behind it all. Employee engagement tools seem to be a way to bring a human element back into HR. We have to make sure we're taking care of our employees to give them the opportunity for them to be their authentic selves. Human resources traditionally helped to protect the company and to ensure compliance, yet nowadays it feels like it's actually becoming what the title suggests. We have tools to clock into work on our phones, conveniently request time off, or discuss important issues through an online portal instead of the anxiety of addressing another human. These technologies have both benefits and issues, though. Removing all of these vectors of human interactions could make an employee feel as if the company is not a set of people, but a structured platform of programs. It's important to balance carefully between technological advancement while also retaining the human element. We would like to extend a warm thank you to our friends at Fuel50 for sponsoring this podcast.

ServiceNow's Melanie Lougee on Service Delivery and Covid

22m · Published 02 Dec 18:56
What ServiceNow does for HR, how businesses navigated the turn toward remote work and what they’ve learned from the experience.

LDS's Mimi Brooks on Design, Experience and How They're Changing

20m · Published 30 Nov 19:36
The challenges of creating effective experiences with technology, and new approaches to experience design

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