The Creative Minority

by Ahmed Khan

The Creative Minority seeks to engage with contemporary intellectual issues ranging from but not included to politics, philosophy, theology, sociology, metaphysics, ethics, history, medicine and others. Our speakers include world class academics, theologians, scientists, professors, and celebrities who are at the forefront of shaping academia and culture. Contact us: Instagram: thecreativeminorityEmail: [email protected]:

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Building Healthy Masjids | Dr. Shadee ElMasry | #59

58m · Published 15 Jan 17:30

The significance behind a healthy community is critical because they serve as an important source of social connection and a sense of belonging. But how do we build healthy communities?In this podcast, we are joined by Dr. Shadee ElMasry to discuss how to create thriving communities, the importance of building masjids and the role of MSA’s.Timestamps:0:00...Read more

The Power of Storytelling | Diffused Congruence | #58

1h 39m · Published 23 Dec 17:30

In this special podcast, we are collaborating with prominent Muslim podcast, Diffused Congruence, on a discussion on the importance of storytelling. We discuss Ahmed's journey to resolving his identity crisis, Parvez and Omar's dedication to narrating the remarkable stories of our pioneers and analyzing the current discourse surrounding Muslim podcasts...Read more

The Best of Creation | Abdullah Anik Misra | #57

1h 11m · Published 30 Oct 16:30

Muslims regard the Prophet Muhammad (S) as the greatest human to walk upon this blessed Earth. Within his life, there are parables and examples that illustrate his (S) greatness and the deep love he (S) had not only for his companions, but for all of humanity as he (S) was sent "as a mercy to all the worlds." In this podcast, we discuss how we can nurture...Read more

Islamic Bioethics | Dr. Aasim Padela | #56

1h 8m · Published 02 Oct 16:30

Islamic Bioethics is a relatively new discipline that seeks to address ethical issues emerging from advances in biology, medicine and technologies within an Islamic paradigm. It seeks to answer many contemporary issues related to Islam and biology. In this podcast, we are joined by Dr. Aasim Padela, prominent researcher on Islamic Bioethics to discuss the...Read more

Creating Islamic Anime | Dr. Naoki Yamamoto | #55

1h 25m · Published 25 Sep 16:30

In recent years, the popularity of anime has increased dramatically and has become mainstream. It is a powerful medium that seeks to impart moral lessons through the use of visual images. But can Anime also be used to impart Islamic teachings?In this podcast, we are joined by Dr. Naoki Yamamoto to discuss the similarities between Islam and anime, the rise...Read more

The Future is Asian | Murtaza Hussain | #54

1h 13m · Published 18 Sep 16:30

The 21st century has seen the dramatic rise in economic and political power from Asia and European and American influence has dropped significantly. Many prominent observers have noted that by the end of the century, Asia will rule the world with some estimates predicting the year 2050.In this podcast, we are joined by Murtaza Hussain, journalist at the...Read more

Sicilian Islam: Between East and West | Mufti Abdullah Nana

1h 26m · Published 11 Sep 16:30

Contrary to the Clash of Civilization Thesis propagated by anti-Islam thinkers, Islam has a rich history in Europe with it thriving in places such as Spain, France, Istanbul, and the Balkans for more than a millennium.In this podcast, we will discuss the rich intellectual, social and political history of Sicilian Islam where Muslims and Christians...Read more

Islamic Principles of War

1h 51m · Published 04 Sep 16:30

In the post 9/11 world, Islam has been portrayed as a religion founded by a warlord and one that aims for global domination through violence. This is a misconception propagated by anti-Islamic speakers in an attempt to vilify and demonize the religion. In this podcast, we are joined with Professor Joel Hayward, author of several books related to Islam and...Read more

The Last Hero: Alija Ali Izetbegovic

1h 0m · Published 28 Aug 16:30

Alija Ali Izetbogovic served as the President of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the infamous Srebrenica Massacre in the late 90s. He fought for the liberation of his people and understood that Islam was the solution for the crisis' in the modern world. As a world renowned philosopher, he attracted the support of millions across the globe who called for him...Read more

The Future of Muslim Podcasts with Mahin

1h 24m · Published 21 Aug 16:30

In the post-covid world, podcasts have taken over as one of the most significant avenues in shaping culture. Muslims, like other groups, have taken advantage of this platform and have created their own niche podcasts, focusing on topics such as theology, masculinity, domestic violence, spirituality and much more.In this podcast, we are joined by Mahin...Read more

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