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Marketplace Minute

by Marketplace

The economy is changing so fast. It’s hard to keep up. Get the latest on what’s happening in the economy right now with two-times-a day briefings from Marketplace. More than just the numbers, we bring you the highlights from the most important stories about money, business and the economy. Subscribe to the Marketplace Minute® wherever you get your podcasts or add it to your Alexa flash briefing.

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Prices rise 0.3% in December

1m · Published 11 Jan 22:04

Stocks close flat; inflation up 3.5% over the last year; rent inflation data could lag behind actual rent slowdown; unemployment claims fall slightly.

Housing, energy costs pushed up inflation in December

1m · Published 11 Jan 16:31

The consumer price index rose to an annual gain of 3.4%; jobless claims fell to 202,000; SEC reluctantly approves bitcoin ETFs; natural gas producers Chesapeake, Southwestern announce merger deal.

New York Fed President says interest rates probably high enough

1m · Published 10 Jan 22:03

Stocks rise; interest rates will likely have to stay high for “some time”; Amazon announces layoffs in streaming and studios division; wholesalers inventories fall.

Boeing stock opens slightly higher as the 737 MAX-9 remains grounded

1m · Published 10 Jan 15:32

A World Economic Forum report says false and misleading information is the biggest short-term economic risk; the SEC investigates a hack of its official account on X; CES gets underway in Las Vegas.

Biden Administration issues new employee classification rule

1m · Published 09 Jan 22:34

Stocks close mixed; labor rule meant to combat worker misclassifications; imports fall in November; exports fall as well.

Gig workers gain new job protections 

1m · Published 09 Jan 16:10

Labor Department unveils new rules to protect gig workers, require new benefits; United, Alaska find loose bolts in Boeing 737 Max 9 planes; VW, Mercedes-Benz unveil AI-powered assistants in vehicles.

Consumer debt rises in November

1m · Published 08 Jan 22:36

Stocks climb; delinquencies are ticking up; inflation expectations fall; spending expectations grow at slower pace.

Boeing drags down the Dow

1m · Published 08 Jan 15:41

Stocks open mixed as Dow component Boeing tumbles; Congressional negotiators reach a spending deal; China sanctions U.S. defense contractors.

Job growth steady in December

1m · Published 05 Jan 22:14

Stocks rise; job gains outpace November’s; wage gains outpace inflation; service sector expands.

The economy added 2.7 million jobs in 2023

1m · Published 05 Jan 16:35

Job growth was better than expected in December; average hourly earnings grow 4.1%, outpacing inflation; services sector slows as consumers shift spending; FDA approves Florida plan to import Canadian prescription drugs.

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