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Welcome to Future Proof, a podcast by Kantar Indonesia. This podcast prevails the discourses that evolve around the industry of marketing and research. In each episode, we invite the experts to discuss evidence and share their insights for the future. Episode in English signed with EN / Episode dalam Bahasa Indonesia ditandai ID

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23. Brand Footprint 2023: Frisian Flag with Veronika Utami | EN

10m · Published 26 Jul 02:00

In this episode, our Account Director, Helmy Herman had an interesting conversation with Veronika Utami of Frisian Flag Indonesia. Kantar recently awarded them as one of the Most Chosen Brands at Indonesia Brand Footprint 2023.


Dalam episode kali ini, Account Director kami Helmy Herman berbincang seru dengan Veronika Utami dari Frisian Flag Indonesia. Kantar baru saja menyematkan penghargaan Most Chosen Brands kepada Frisian Flag dalam ajang Indonesia Brand Footprint 2023.

22. Brand Footprint 2023: Dancow with Ali Abbas | EN

11m · Published 28 Jun 00:00

In this special episode of Future Proof Indonesia, we had an insightful session with Ali Abbas as the Head of Business, Infant Nutrition and Children Dairy at Nestlé Indonesia.

Dancow is the winner of Most Chosen Brand in Powder Dairy at Indonesia Brand Footprint 2023. Find out more about the awards here


Dalam episode ini, dengarkan obrolan menarik dengan Ali Abbas selaku Head of Business, Infant Nutrition and Children Dairy dari Nestlé Indonesia.

Dancow merupakan pemenang kategori Most Chosen Brand dalam kategori Powder Dairy pada ajang Indonesia Brand Footprint 2023. Baca lebih lanjut tentang penghargaan ini ⁠disini

21. How to take the market research industry to the next level? | ID

22m · Published 13 Apr 01:00

Dalam episode kali ini, Ketua PERPI Rhesa Yogaswara dan Corina Fajriyani (Kantar) membahas bagaimana agar industri riset pasar terus berkembang ke level selanjutnya. Mereka membahas peran teknologi dalam riset pasar, pentingnya standar dan sertifikasi dalam industri, dan bagaimana talenta muda dapat memperoleh keunggulan kompetitif melalui tantangan yang dihadapi di dunia riset. Selengkapnya dari Kantar Indonesia⁠


In this episode, PERPI Chairman Rhesa Yogaswara discusses how the market research industry can be taken to the next level. They delve into the role of technology in market research, the importance of standards and certifications in the industry, and how young talents can gain a competitive advantage in the talent market through the industry's unique challenges and learning opportunities. Find out more about Kantar Indonesia

20. How does local indie brands contribute in the blooming beauty market? | EN

28m · Published 24 Feb 17:00

In this podcast episode, Ratih P. Sari, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Base, shares her journey of co-founding a local indie beauty brand during an exciting time in the industry. Hosted by Prita Laksmita Anindya, Beauty Expert Lead at Worldpanel Division, Kantar Indonesia

Dalam episode kali, kita kedatangan Ratih P.Sari selaku co-founder dan Chief Product Officer dari Base. Ia bercerita tentang perjalanannya menjadi co-founder dari salah satu merek produk kecantikan 'indie' di Indonesia. Dibawakan oleh Prita Laksmita Anindya, Beauty Expert Lead di Worldpanel Division, Kantar Indonesia

19. What are the keys to success in 2023? | EN

13m · Published 25 Jan 01:00

Venu Madhav, our Managing Director, reflects on the challenges and highlights of 2022 as well as what lies ahead in 2023. What are the keys to success for FMCG Brands in 2022? Tune in to this special episode, hosted by Corina Fajriyani. Brought to you by Kantar Indonesia


Dengarkan Venu Madhav, Managing Director kami, merefleksikan  tantangan dan temuan unik dari 2022, serta apa yang akan terjadi di industri FMCG dalam tahun 2023 ini. Apa kunci sukses bagi brand FMCG di tahun 2022? Temukan jawabannya dalam episode ini yang dipandu oleh Corina Fajriyani. Dipersembahkan oleh Kantar Indonesia

18. How does Sociolla create a beauty wonderland? | EN

35m · Published 24 Nov 02:26

In this episode, we had an interesting conversation with Sociolla's Chief Business Officer, Ngoc Phungbich.  As a beauty-tech company, tune in to listen how they follow consumers' journey from online to offline and how they overcome the challenges of keeping up with an omnichannel consumer. 


Dalam episode ini, kami berbincang dengan Cheif Business Officer Sociolla, Ngoc Phungbich. Sebagai perusahan beauty-tech, simak jurus mereka dalam mengikuti perjalanan konsumen dari online ke offline. Selain itu, dengarkan cara Sociolla menghadapi tantangan dari konsumen yang semakin terbuka untuk berbelanja melalui berbagai channel. 

17. How Lazada evolves to tackle the future of online shopping? | ID

22m · Published 06 Oct 00:00

Sebagai satu dari lima E-Commerce platform terbesar di Indonesia yang digunakan untuk membeli produk FMCG*, bagaimana Lazada berevolusi untuk menjawab tantangan masa depan belanja online di Indonesia? Apa pelajaran berharga yang bisa dipetik lewat melayani konsumen selama pandemi? Lia Kurtz, FMCG Category Director dari Lazada Indonesia dipandu oleh Helmy Herman dalam obrolan seru ini. 


As one of the top 5 E-Commerce platform for FMCG Shoppers in Indonesia*, how does Lazada evolves to tackle the future of online shopping in Indonesia? and what are some takeaways about serving consumers during the pandemic? Lia Kurtz, FMCG Category Director at Lazada Indonesia share her insights with Helmy Herman of Kantar Indonesia. 

*based on Kantar Data

16. How does Gojek listen to their users? | ID

22m · Published 05 Sep 03:35

Bermula dari sebuah perusahaan yang mencoba menjawab tantangan mobilitas masyarakat Indonesia, kini Gojek telah menjadi sebuah bagian yang tak terpisahkan dari kehidupan jutaan orang. Rahmatia R. Rosidin selaku Senior Manager Market Intelligence dari Gojek menyingkap bagaimana Gojek mencari tahu apa yang benar-benar diinginkan oleh penggunanya. Episode ini dipersembahkan oleh Kantar Indonesia


Gojek has evolved and transformed from a company tackling daily mobility needs to a 'verb' for millions of Indonesians. Rahmatia R. Rosidin as the Senior Manager Market Intelligence at Gojek reveals how Gojek listen and deciphers what their users want. This episode is brought to you by Kantar Indonesia

15. Brand Footprint 2022: Mayora with Ricky Afrianto | EN

16m · Published 11 Aug 04:40

From K-Drama to International Space Station, Mayora is daring in its approach to bring its products to new heights. Ricky Afrianto as the Director & Global Marketing Director share the journey and stories from inside one of Indonesian giant.

Dari layar K-Drama hingga Stasiun Luar Angkasa ISS, Mayora terus unjuk gigi untuk membawa produk Indonesia ke kancah dunia. Pak Ricky Afrianto selaku Director & Global Marketing Director dari Mayora menyingkap cerita dibalik perjalanan salah satu brand raksasa di Indonesia. 


14. Brand Footprint 2022: Heinz ABC with Steven Debrabandere | EN

15m · Published 04 Jul 05:56

Steven Debrabandere as the Managing Director of Kraft Heinz Indonesia and Papua New Guinea reveal the secrets to Heinz ABC's success as one of the Top Growing Brands in Indonesia Brand Footprint 2022. You can read more about the winners here. 


Steven Debrabandere selaku Managing Director dari Kraft Heinz Indonesia dan Papua Nugini mengungkapkan kunci dibalik kesuksesan Heinz ABC sebagai salah satu Top Growing Brands in FMCG dalam penghargaan Indonesia Brand Footprint 2022. Baca selengkapnya disini. 

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