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Caterpillar Goo

by Rod Haden and Flora Folgar

Interviews, live storytelling, essays, short fiction, and poetry that focus on stories of growth, change, and transformation.

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Episode 30 - Engaging with the Culture

49m · Published 09 Jun 23:58

Joi Razinha is a professional belly dancer and teacher who talks about how she got into the profession, how she engages with it as a white, cis gendered Westerner, how it's impacted her, and where she may be going from here.

Episode 029 - And The River Churned Opaquely

18m · Published 02 Feb 00:44

In which I write a shorty story and somehow convince an actor to perform it beautifully for free.

Episode 028 - Claiming Death is Valuing Life

0s · Published 08 Aug 23:40

brooks kasson started the first Austin chapter of Death Cafe with Jo Jensen in 2013, setting the parameters for honest and vulnerable conversations about death in a comfortable setting, with tea and cake.

Episode 027 - The People Are Right In Front of You

49m · Published 31 Aug 22:47

Team Brownsville feeds the people of the encampment in Matamoros, against all odds and pandemics.

Episode 026 - Relief in Silence

43m · Published 12 May 23:48

I spoke to Alfredo Gomez after he spoke at a Circles of Men Project gathering. The theme was “If you know yourself, you can move past fear.” It was his first time at a Circles of Men gathering, and he was inspired to share. When I later asked if anyone would be willing to speak for a podcast, he contacted me to share his story in a little more...Read more

Episode 025 - Everybody Is Invited to Play

51m · Published 07 Apr 01:18

Jonny Reynolds talks about two Austin institutions he's proud to be a part of: Bat City Bombshells and Forbidden Fruit.

Episode 024 - Pants and Kilts and Dresses

48m · Published 22 Feb 01:43

Amy Haden-Knost talks about growing up, military service, online dating, same sex marriage, and becoming a grandparent.

Episode 023 - Let Loose the Bird

53m · Published 23 Nov 01:26

Clay Boykin, author and founder of the Circles of Men Project, talks about servant leadership, retirement, getting on purpose, and the New Compassionate Male.

Bonus Story - The Veil Drops in Squaw Valley

13m · Published 05 Oct 01:18

Bonus story from Steve Birch, who told us a few stories in the previous episode. Here he meets with a book publicist who is also a reluctant channeler and dreams about Cathy from the bookstore. Find full music credits at

Episode 022 - Earthly Angels Bring Me Puzzle Pieces

49m · Published 26 Sep 01:17

For a full transcript and music attribution, please see Many thanks to Steve Birch for sharing himself and a few of his stories. Thanks also to Flora Folgar for her support and her help with the editing.

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