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HR Collection Playlist

by Evergreen Podcasts

The best collection of podcasts and voices in the Human Resources, Recruiting, Technology, DEI, and Workforce space in one podcast. Welcome to Evergreen's HR Collection, curated episodes from the most well-known and up-in-coming podcasts in the HR, Recruiting, and Tech industry. Ten different shows wrapped into one diverse podcast.

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Naughty and Nice 2022

35m · Published 23 Dec 08:00
What's a holiday season without the boys giving their top picks for naughtiest and nicest stories, characters, and commentary from the year that was 2022? Hot garbage, that's what! Featured are Slack, LinkedIn, pay transparency, Indeed, and (of course) OnlyFans. The boys also give their picks for most binge-worthy content from music to podcasts to movies and more. Enjoy ... and don't shoot your eye out!

2023 Prediction Show But First We Vent

38m · Published 23 Dec 05:26
Kim Wilkinson, founder of Verve Recruitment joins us to debate and discuss what the world of work will shake out like in the coming 12 months. Kim brings us real time insights to what’s happening on the front lines of recruitment. Sharing our family plans for Christmas, Kim wins. Doing the holidays on a warm sandy beach in +28C weather, as Shelley & Serge sit under heated blankets to keep the frost bite away. Is it possible for someone who hasn't updated their LinkedIn profile in two years to be as successful as someone with over 50,000 views per post and industry influencer status? Apparently Top Recruiter thinks so! TRF’s Crystal Ball  The conditions are perfect, women will take on traditionally male dominated role and be welcomed in. OpenAI ChatGPT will cause ripples of opportunities and concerns in the world of work. Throwback to 1967, drop out and do your own thing. Student debt and empty promises from post secondary institutions will drive more of the gig economy. YouTube Shorts will dominate as TikTok goes off the air.

Creatio's Andie Dovgan on Why Low Code's in Your Future

17m · Published 21 Dec 19:54
We’re going to talk about no-code development and why you should care about it, how Creatio goes about its work and more.

Best and Worst - Holiday Show

26m · Published 21 Dec 08:00
Maybe you've noticed that we're on the doorstep of another holiday season. If not, what's wrong with ya', ya' filthy animal? As such, The Chad & Cheese Podcast Does Recruitment Marketing, featuring Julie Calli, President at, dives into the movies and songs that make the season so special (or a nightmare, in this case). Specifically, the gang shares their favorite and least favorite flicks and tunes. Hallelujah! Where's the Tylenol?

Ep 487: Focus

27m · Published 21 Dec 07:00
As an end-of-year special, this week is productivity week on the podcast.  With so much going on and so many competing pressures, I know that everyone listening will, at least at some point in 2022, have had challenges with focus and information overload. Talent Acquisition is evolving quickly, and managing attention and processing information are vital skills that aren't highlighted as much as they should be. A couple of days ago, in Episode 486, we looked at managing information overload when I spoke to Tiago Forte, the inventor of the Building a Second Brain system of personal knowledge management.  In this episode, I want to focus on focus, and my guest is author and speaker Erik Qualman. In 2009 Erik wrote a hugely influential book predicting the rise of social media called Socianomics, and since then has written extensively on digital leadership. His most recent book is The Focus Project which highlights the problems humans have focusing in our hyper-connected world and explores some of the potential solutions that can help us. In the interview, we discuss: The Focus Project Focusing on the big, not the busy Focus is hard in an unfocused world. The importance of systems and process Progress not perfection Saying no a lot Having more time is not the solution. Attacking the one big thing before the day attacks you The power of sleep Spotting patterns, time fencing and the 20/20/20 rule How can employers support focus? What does the future of work now look like Listen to this podcast in Apple Podcasts.

2022 Rearview Mirror with Chad & Cheese

38m · Published 20 Dec 04:23
For our 200th Episode! We welcome Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman, the famous duo behind HR’s most dangerous podcast, join us to pick apart the big events in TA for 2022.  2022 the rollercoaster Recruiters go from hero to zero in less than 12 months The great resignation, the big relocation or Freedom 55; all swirled into on shit storm of labor market, all of which had been predicted, just not all at once No more working for free, or quiet quitting, ripped right out of social media and lit on fire in TA Working from home not in the cards for everyone Bonus material: Each of us take a stab at what 2023 might bring

DEC 19: ShiftPixy Launches Fast Fill; Employees Look For New Opportunities

4m · Published 19 Dec 20:16
Fast Fill is designed to connect workers through mobile technology, and encourage them to immediately sign up for available shifts.

Ep 486: Building A Second Brain

26m · Published 19 Dec 18:37
As an end-of-year special, this week is productivity week on the podcast.  With so much going on and so many competing pressures, I know that everyone listening will, at least at some point in 2022, have had challenges with focus and information overload. Talent Acquisition is evolving quickly, and managing attention and processing information are vital skills that aren't highlighted as much as they should be. My first guest on productivity week is one of the world's leading personal knowledge management systems experts. Tiago Forte is the Founder of Forte Labs and the creator of the brilliant Building a Second Brain. BASB is a very effective knowledge and information management system I can personally vouch for as I used it to write my book "Digital Talent." Tiago has created a popular online course and a book on Building a Second Brain, and in our discussion, he gives us an excellent insight into the system.  In the interview, we discuss: The story behind BASB Are employers giving knowledge workers effect support around information overload? Personal Knowledge Management Shifting from top down to individual The key elements of BASB Capture, Organize, Distill, Express The role of technology How I reactivated ten years of lost Kindle highlights Taking the first steps Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts.

The Pay Equity Fix w/ Zev Eigen

26m · Published 19 Dec 08:50
Think empowering organizations to solve the gender and racial pay gap, cutting costly unwanted attrition, reducing bias in employment decisions, and improving true engagement and collaboration was something you couldn't quantify? Think again. That's why Chad & Cheese grabbed Syndio's CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Zev Eigen, while at UNLEASH in Paris to dive into the topic of pay transparency. The technology around the issue being developed is fascinating, making this a must-listen. ICYMI listen to our Pay with Equity episode with Maria Colacurcio.

Ep 485: What Will Replace Resumes?

20m · Published 17 Dec 08:07
The death of the resume has long been predicted. It is widely acknowledged that they are ineffective and prone to promoting bias, but alternative approaches have yet to achieve universal adoption. However, with many employers moving towards skills and competency-based hiring and technology continuing to drive rapid change in recruiting, are the days of the resume finally numbered? My guest this week is Maya Huber, Co-Founder and CEO of the competencies-based sourcing platform TaTiO. Maya has a PHD in Job Analysis and some fascinating insights into practical ways of moving on from the resume and making hiring more efficient, inclusive and effective. In the interview, we discuss: The ineffectiveness of resumes The danger of assessing just on words and stories Skills-based hiring versus competency-based hiring Testing performance in its context Reducing the administrative burden for recruiters Job simulation Job analysis The hiring outcomes of competency-based assessment What should companies expect from the future of work? Listen to this podcast in Apple Podcasts.

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