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Common Lands

by soniche productions

This podcast is inspired by the unique quality of the sound experience on Portland, Dorset (UK) and the space it occupies. Framed by tradition and terms specific to land law, these podcasts are the conduit for this exploration, an audio snapshot of sounds and voices. Episodes 1 - 3 Exploring the common and uncommon nature of sound of the island. Recorded during lockdown and emergence. Commissioned by b-side festival 2021 for That Other Place

Copyright: soniche productions


Ep. 3 Enclosure : Visible and Invisible Boundaries

38m · Published 10 Mar 21:21

Portland is not all common land. This final episode explores the tensions of protest and containment as the island approaches winter; where common land law and climate change clash through the very personal experience of one islander whose connection to Portland has led to defending its natural habitat.

Hear the more reflective tones of winter in the soundscape and where this journey ends at the very tip of the island via the plateau of East Weares. Expect disclosure and some personalised views but also information on the rich natural discoveries to be made on Portland.

With special thanks to Ian Baird for sharing his own journey and the collective who work so hard for Portland 4 The Planet and Jurassic Coast against Incineration.

Produced by soniche productions for b-side festival. Music from b-side festival live accompaniment to Sea and Stone installation at Portland Museum 12th September 2021. Pianist : Julie Lewis

Ep. 2 Hefting : Gathering In One Place

36m · Published 10 Mar 21:20

Common Land law states that hefting was a process of moving herds to other spaces. Presenting the island captured over the weekend during b-side Festival on 9th-12th September 2020, this episode continues to explore Portland, tentatively stepping out of our contained spaces through listening to extraordinary, serendipitous moments of connection to our sound environment. Hear the continuing journey to find unique spaces in sound led by the islander artists and a touch of the historic arts culture that has inspired many.

Guided by visiting sound expert Dr Maike Helmers and artist Ramizi Maqdidi you are also encouraged to listen deeply as sound resonates and touches us all.

Produced by soniche productions for b-side festival

Ep. 1 Tithing : Tuning In

31m · Published 29 Sep 15:27

Common land is shared space. We are re-sharing Portland with the world both physically and virtually this summer, during the b-side festival in September 2021 by presenting work in progress, the experience of art and living that is Portland shaped. This episode is inspired by the unique quality of the sound experience on Portland (UK) and the space it occupies. Framed by tradition and terms specific to the land, these podcasts will be the conduit for this, an audio journey of sounds and voices merged from all aspects of the island.

Going back to 855, a tithe was a 'contribution to a religious organisation or compulsory tax' (source: A World History of Tax Rebellions - David F. Burg). Of course, this resonates now and this podcast tries to begin the harvest for a tithe to Portland.

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