by Alisa Carroll

In sacred space—a temple, an artist’s room, a scholar’s library—we feel atmosphere: the presence of the devotion and art, study and ritual, that have taken place within it over decades or centuries. On Alcôve, we enter into auratic places to explore aesthetics, spirituality, history, magic— those qualities we perceive in sacred space, and which open up that space within us. By talking with their keepers, descending into their foundations, and researching their objects and texts, we try to understand what is in the atmosphere of these extraordinary places.

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Silent Echoes

14m · Published 08 Nov 18:30

Notre Dame + Centre PompidouBy placing listening devices on the surfaces of built and natural monuments, artist Bill Fontana captures uncanny natural music that reveals that these bodies are alive with sound. Fontana’s latest project amplifies the voice of Notre Dame. Since the devastating fire of 2019, the ringing of the cathedral's bells has ceased. To...Read more

Drawing Down the Moon

23m · Published 19 Aug 23:00

A disc of light, an object of worship, a portal in the vault of night. The moon has always opened up infinite fields of perception, and in a new Hammer Museum exhibition, Drawing Down the Moon, curator and scholar Allegra Pesenti enters those many realms. In our wide-ranging conversation with Pesenti, she traces lunar iconography from across centuries and...Read more

The Sublime Sea

9m · Published 30 Mar 20:45

Vox Feminae

27m · Published 09 May 07:00

The Fontevristes, a monastic order led by women for 700 years, began in the medieval landscape of the Loire Valley. The great stone abbey was completed in twelfth century, and still stands in western France, a repository of centuries of meditation, prayer, and art. Today, Fontevraud Abbey is a secular center for art and culture, but historic voices still...Read more


24m · Published 22 Sep 00:17

"We are trying to réenchantée le monde." Claude d'AnthenaiseIn his words, Claude d'Anthenaise's vision for Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature was to make “a museum of emotion,” with “a free and poetic spirit,” and “a climate of strangeness.” Within its 18th-century walls, he installed natural specimens alongside medieval artwork and pieces by contemporary...Read more

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