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by Dakota Sillyman & John TerEick

Cope is a podcast aimed at de-stigmatizing all things mental health. We explore the day-to-day lives of those with mental illness by letting them tell their own stories, and encouraging understanding and empathy. We celebrate everyday triumphs, artistic endeavors, and most importantly, self care. Cope is a labor of love, an attempt to authenticate the voices of those who have experienced trauma and your radio guide to coping.


"Sorry, Tourette's"

30m · Published 28 Apr 17:15

The debut episode of Cope takes an in-depth look at the invisible burden of Tourette’s Syndrome and how the neurological condition has informed the creative work of filmmaker, John TerEick. We tackle the stigma surrounding TS and discuss how it’s characterization of a shocking, swearing disorder can create levity but also painful circumstances.

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