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Creative Conversations Podcast

by Liam Joseph-Beckles

A documentation of creative conversations with upcoming and award-wining artists, forming an archive within the creative industry. Hosted by Liam Joseph-Beckles

Copyright: Liam Joseph-Beckles


009 - Blast From The Past: Best of Season One

42m · Published 24 Feb 16:00
Welcome Back to Creative Conversations Podcast!! In this episode, I have captured my most favourite stories, highlights and conversations from all the amazing guests that have featured on the show such as; Stefan Hanegraaf, Mimi Spendiff, Christina E. Fontenelle, Mike Butt, Jack Groves, Maria Glezelli, Sebastian/Seb Waters & Megan Wheatley. In this journey we explore a blast from the past, from my first ever published interview back in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, moving towards the most recent years of 2022/23. In this moment together we are celebrating all the collaborations, engagements and friendships made through this process, which is something I myself have held onto. Season Two will be next, following the same interview-based structure, but moving to a format structure of 12 Episodes a year! I look forward to providing you with your daily dose of creativity and supporting you podcasting needs. Thank you to everyone who has supported the show, whether you're a listener, a follower or an interviewee, I feel that love a support which you have provided!!

008 - Mike Butt

1h 11m · Published 11 Nov 18:00
Mike Butt is a commercial and documentary photographer situated in Bristol & Bath UK. His work often focuses on social and environmental influences, exploring and looking at how people are influenced by their surroundings. This has led Mike to be published both nationally and internationally, most recently being featured for The Royal Photographic Society and Shortlisted for the IPE exhibition. Website:

007 - Christina E. Fontenelle

1h 5m · Published 08 Aug 16:00

Christina E. Fontenelle is a Holistic Health Coach, author of 𝘈𝘭𝘪𝘨𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘐𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘳 𝘚𝘦𝘭𝘧 𝘔𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘑𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘯𝘢𝘭, and CEO & Founder of two mental health companies - 'Fontenelle Art' & 'Aligning Your Inner Self'. Her work centralises around unconventional therapy and aims to address mental health difficulties through Art & Dance/Movement Therapy. Christina speaks of the birth of her company, 'Fontenelle Art', as one that derived from a place of oppression.

The inclusive and creative 'Fontenelle Art' began in November 2019 and her selfless journey of spreading awareness and wellbeing began. 'Fontenelle Art' provides 𝐀𝐫𝐭 & 𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭–𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 methods and strategies for professional development, mental health awareness, and community cohesion. Words are not always accessible in the same way as embodying creativity through art and movement. Some have coined movement therapy unconventional. However, day-to-day many of us are not in tune with our internal physicality and have created external dissonance from the art and beauty that encompasses all of us.

Christina describes the construction of her workshops. One of them, the social advocacy workshops: which acknowledges society, community, BLM, politics etc. There is not a lot of this representation in working industries, perhaps due to fear or sensitivities. Later in the discussion, a generational gap is referenced in potentially determining why in 2021 this is still happening. There seems to be great dissonance between fast-paced, cultured and tech-friendly youth who have this information at hand. And, older generations and others who either do not know how to attain or be able to conceive the social changes in western cultures - an ill-judged joke or subtle racial stereotyping cannot be excused as old-school and outdated eurocentrism.


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006 - Maria Glezelli

1h 35m · Published 10 Dec 17:00

Athens-born designer Maria Glezelli has a keen eye and passion for painting and crafting, getting inspiration from the unravelling panorama of the Athenian history where she grew up. Her creative journey and exploration leads her to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Art Sciences at the University of Fine Arts in Ioannina, Greece, where she consolidates her values and sets the basis for her cultural growth. Fueling her love for ancestral craftsmanship, Maria continues her studies specialising in jewelry design and metalsmithing, developing her unique artist’s identity.

She uses wire and traditional metalworking techniques to construct her designs. Endless hours of knitting, result in a vast portfolio that bridges fine art and jewelry design. Soon, her projects catch public attention and the brand Algo Elegante is born. Drawing inspiration from mythology and the natural cosmos, she designs her first collections and undertakes several bespoke commissions. She travels as far as Santorini in the Aegean and as wide as Los Angeles, California to showcase her work and catch up with the latest trends in luxury design. In Los Angeles, she participates in the prestigious international exhibition “Wearable Expressions” at the Palos Verdes Art Center where she develops a collection of wearable pieces and ensembles influenced by the 19th century, reviving the Victorian era.

She moves to London and starts working at Tiffany’s, a renowned company in jewelry design, specialised in gemstones and manufacturing. On the parallel, she gains valuable work experience in environments as diverse as London Fashion Week, the Selfridges and local designer fairs in east London. A habitué of Victoria & Albert Museum and Tate Gallery, as well as a frequent traveler to Tuscany, Italy, Maria never stops refreshing her points of reference on visual culture Committed to preserving tradition, Maria combines age-old techniques with innovative designs.

Each piece of jewelry is crafted entirely by hand with precision, artistry and distinctive craftsmanship without the use of any machinery. In this episode we discuss, Maria's creative journey through jewelry making, why female identity is always her point of reference, Maria's participation in the Prestigious International Exhibition in Los Angeles & her most recent work The Bonds of Love Collection.

Instagram:@Maria.Glezelli Website:

005 - Megan Wheatley

1h 8m · Published 29 Jul 18:00

Megan’s work follows in the footsteps of the abstract expressionists, in the sense that she paints to leave a piece of her unconscious in every painting. She does this by painting on a large, human-like scale and uses gestural mark making and written word to express her emotions and thoughts. Megan’s paintings are an insight into her mind, and she strives to feel completely truthful and connected to her work. Her work is about releasing and capturing emotion and the process of making the work is more important than the viewer understanding Megan.

She is interested in the interplay between colours and how our own life experiences can create memories that are held in our sensory perceptions of colour. She uses colour as a way of expressing memories, thoughts and feelings. Believing that painting abstractly will allow the viewer to make up their own narrative and perceive her work in a way that relates to them.

Megan’s attachment to painting stems from purity of it, little stands between you and the artist when looking at a piece of art and she truly believes painting will allow her energy to remain alive permanently through her work. Her work is a continuing practice that allows her to develop and grow without restrictions and she will be continuing to paint for years to come.

In this episode we discuss Megan's practice as an abstract expressionist , how painting abstractly can create narrative for the viewer, the technical process of making canvases, colour theory & how to stay authentic to yourself as an artist.

Instagram: @meganwheatleyart

004 - Jack Groves

1h 8m · Published 16 Jul 11:00

Jack Groves, 22-years-old mixed-race from London. Freelance journalist, and monthly commissioner for LGBTQ+ magazine 'Scene Magazine'. As a gay writer, his work largely focuses on LGBTQ+ matters, BLM, arts and culture, and social impact. Jack has a background in Musical Theatre and Aerial skills - which shaped him into who he is today. His aim is to find belonging in the non-belonging through a myriad of creative content. This interview for me was quite personal, and thought it was important that others heard this conversation as it was an eyeopener. Through this conversation, I learnt a lot about myself and my identity, as well as getting to know Jack on a personal level & speaking about his passion for writing. This was a wholesome interview overall, and I really hope others can take something away from listening. We discuss Jack's performing and writing background, Light Skin Privilege, his article ‘Toxic Masculinity, Who Are You?’ published by Scene Magazine, where he explores his preconditional idea of normative sexuality, Pride Month 2021 & More! You can find more about Jack and his work via

Instagram: Jkgroovin or

003 - Stefan Hanegraaf

1h 1m · Published 12 Mar 19:00
Stefan Hanegraaf is portrait photographer from London with an unrelenting drive to create and explore, with a love for storytelling and dogs. He also makes pieces of wall art out of polaroid’s that he cuts up. During the episode we discuss his journey into becoming a portrait photographer, his recent lockdown project "Salvaged Polaroids", and experiences working with people in a studio setting. Instagram: @stefan.g.hanegraaf Website:

002 - Mimi Spendiff

1h 27m · Published 26 Nov 11:26
Mimi Spendiff, Visual artist and Photographer based in Kent and Bristol. Her work explores conceptual themes that incorporate linear light, texture and movement to investigate contexts such as mental health and memory. By using various mediums such as Photography, Film and Sculpture, the work engages with abstract concepts and responses to the human condition, influenced by personal interests in conceptual themes. At the core of each project and concept is an interest in how art and visual expression can engage us with alternative therapeutic tools and methods. During the episode we discuss Mimi's passion towards abstraction, looking into memories past and present & her creative process. For more information surrounding Mimi and her work visit or Instagram @mimispendiffphoto

001 - Mary Waters

1h 34m · Published 30 Oct 15:00

Mary Waters is a Welsh born, Bristol based singer, songwriter, photographer and multi-instrumentalist. Her two self recorded, produced and mixed singles 'Without Me' and 'Aftermath' act as a promising foundation for the 20 year old artist’s career. Both tracks use beat-driven, rich sonic landscapes paired with smooth vocals to tell personal stories about navigating change. The music she heard during long car rides growing up have had a large influence on her sound - these are artists such as Aretha Franklin, The Beach Boys, Bill Withers and Ella Fitzgerald. Later, she has become inspired by music from a diverse range of genres including Hip Hop, Jazz, Alternative Rock, Indie, Soul and R&B. During the episode we discuss how Mary sees herself as an artist, an overview of the creative industries and her upcoming EP. For more info surrounding Mary work and her music visit Instagram @mary.w_photo or alternatively you can find her on Spotify - Mary Waters

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