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HR News Playlist

by Evergreen Podcasts

Who was acquired? Who received funding? and who is making the news? Welcome to Evergreen's HR News, curated news episodes from the most well-known and up-in-coming podcasts in the HR, Recruiting, DEI, and Tech industry. Short and snackable bursts of news from the Human Resource, Recruiting, and Technology industry.

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JAN 09: Young Workers; Skillsoft Partnership

5m · Published 09 Jan 18:13
This week: Skillsoft launches a content partnership with GoodHabitz, the pandemic years made young workers ambitious and more HR technology news.

BetterPlace Raises $40M, Sterling Check Acquires Socrates

4m · Published 05 Jan 19:25
All the recruiting news that fit to pod.

DEC 19: ShiftPixy Launches Fast Fill; Employees Look For New Opportunities

4m · Published 19 Dec 20:16
Fast Fill is designed to connect workers through mobile technology, and encourage them to immediately sign up for available shifts.

Beamery Goes Full-On Unicorn

6m · Published 16 Dec 17:01
The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.

DEC 12: Phenom Expands Partnership With UKG; an Acquisition for LumApps

4m · Published 12 Dec 18:36
This week: Phenom expands partnership with UKG for to build a better candidate experience, LumApps makes a buy

DEC 05: Shyft Careers Launches Hiring Dashboard; Xoxoday Partners With UKG

4m · Published 05 Dec 18:24
This week in HR Technology: Shyft Careers launches hiring dashboard; Xoxoday partners with UKG.

NOV 21: Playvox Expands Platform; Gig Workers on the Hook

4m · Published 28 Nov 19:38
This week in HR Tech: Playvox expands workforce management planning, gig workers continue to face financial challenges and lack proper tools.

NOV 21: Talogy Launches Feedback Solutions; Payscale Acquires Agora

4m · Published 21 Nov 21:17
Payscale acquired Agora Solutions, Talogy launched a suite of 360-degree feedback solutions and more.

NOV 14: DailyPay Partners to Aid Financial Wellness

4m · Published 14 Nov 20:43
This week in HR tech: DailyPay partners to aid financial wellness, while Ceridian releases new features for Dayforce.

NOV 7: UKG Acquires Quorbit, ServiceNow Launches Workplace Planning

4m · Published 07 Nov 18:16
This week in HR technology: UKG acquires Quorbit, ServiceNow launches workplace planning solution and more. 

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