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by Chris Schell

Welcome to the Grat podcast. Where I'll talk, and you'll listen. For awhile. Then turn it off and move on with your life. I record while driving, hands free of course. Safety last. I'm still learning how to edit so I usually snap and just post what I got.

Copyright: Chris Schell


Episode 11

16m · Published 23 Jul 17:24

Intervenus dog hydration

15m · Published 22 Jul 17:23
More pre-death joy!

Grass is brown. Pee.

12m · Published 18 Jul 17:53
Thank you death. Please don't pee on me.

Man Babies. Demon Babies.

12m · Published 16 Jul 19:55
I complain about entitled people and think outloud about viruses vs. new age spirituality while talking to a demon.

Black Hole Soul.

11m · Published 11 Jul 22:49
I'm gratefully complaining about adult babies and that generally I should write stuff down first.

Still Thankful?!

12m · Published 10 Jul 19:06
I'm not a billionaire. Green trees remind me of dark, pooling blood. Oh, and I'm looking out for you.

Be Grateful

7m · Published 09 Jul 17:56
Rambling about the joys of forcing your brain not to suck so much at life.


6m · Published 08 Jul 23:28

Passive Aggressive

9m · Published 07 Jul 22:56

3 Minutes!

24m · Published 06 Jul 20:35
I find out how long I can record!

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