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That's Just BS

by Ben Follett & Sam Dobrotka

One day two friends decided that they should have a podcast. They had no experience, no special skills but what they did have is the ability to talk, relate and laugh. As a result, "That's Just BS" was born. Join Ben and Sam as they discuss life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Or more accurately life, baseball and things that interest them.

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Episode #23 - All Things Legos

1h 24m · Published 21 Jun 14:00

Ben and Sam return for a special episode focused on one of their favorite past times...Legos. Join the guys as they build Legos and discuss their first Lego memories, why they love Legos and their favorite sets. 

Note: The regular Lego content ends after 58 minutes and the final portion of the podcast (30 minutes) is open conversation about life and family.

Episode #22 - Top 5: All Things Baseball

1h 6m · Published 17 May 17:00

Sam and Ben are joined by their good friend Craig Gyergo to discuss all things baseball including their favorite players, games, concession item, ballparks and movie. The episode is full of stats, memories and nostalgia. 

Episode #21: Top 5 - Movie Franchises

52m · Published 22 Apr 01:00

Sam and Ben return to their roots to discuss their Top 5 movie franchises, which do not include Back to the Future, Star Wars or Jurassic Park. Enjoy!

Episode #20: Top 5 - Mario Kart Tracks

56m · Published 12 Feb 02:00

The boys from That's Just BS kick off 2021 with a podcast dedicated to all things Mario Kart. Joining them to talk tracks, characters, best/worst items and battle mode is their good friend, Taylor Gilmore. 

Episode #19: Top 5 - Vehicles/Things We'd Like to Drive

51m · Published 07 Dec 14:00

Ben and Sam are back with a podcast all about the top vehicles they'd like to drive.  Some are realistic, others are not and some are just plain insane. 

Episode #18: Top 5 - Things We Did As Kids for Fun

50m · Published 20 Oct 16:00

Ben and Sam are back together to wax poetic about their childhoods and all the fun things they did to entertain themselves. It's a good one you don't want to miss.

Episode #17: Top 5 - Cereal with Dan Follett

54m · Published 01 Oct 01:00

It's 54 minutes of awesome all about cereal. The good, the bad and the soggy. Join Ben, Sam and special guess Dan Follett as they discuss their favorites as well as the TTS (time to soggy) ratio of their favorite cereals.

Episode #16: Top 5 - Non MCU Marvel Movies

52m · Published 24 Aug 13:00

Ben and Sam return to discuss the best (and worst) Marvel movies that aren't part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and name their Top 5 (spoiler alert: no Fantastic Four movies make their lists, because they are all terrible).

Episode #15: Top 5 - Amanda & Amy's Romantic Comedies

53m · Published 23 Jul 01:00

We have a podcast takeover! Ben and Sam take a back seat to their better halves as the girls join the podcast to discuss their Top 5 Romantic Comedies.

Episode #14: Top 5 - Snacks

59m · Published 10 Jun 18:00

Join Ben and Sam as they discuss their favorite salty, sweet, healthy, embarrassing and childhood snacks while also discussing snacks that didn't make the cut.

That's Just BS has 23 episodes in total of non- explicit content. Total playtime is 24:12:43. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on November 22nd 2022. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on February 27th, 2024 06:22.

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