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That's Life with Bob & Jen

by Bob Barth & Jennifer Vaden Barth, less than perfect

Bob is from the north. Jennifer is from the south. Now they live in the west. Married for twelve years and parents for nine, Bob & Jen have plenty of opinions on how to make all the same mistakes they’ve made. This hilarious podcast digs into romance, marriage, parenting and any other crazy thing that comes up. Plus a little bit of insight from their son Jackson. If you love to laugh, check them out.


Episode 30: with Danny & Tina Pezzotta…AGAIN!

0s · Published 05 Jan 01:25
Going to the toilet to be left alone! – DAMNIT! How pregnancy affects a relationship.…

Episode 29: Back Again & Giving in the Holiday Season

0s · Published 12 Dec 18:46
After a much too long a break, We’re back again! Living in a post truth…

Episode 28: Political lessons for our kids & whining

1h 20m · Published 09 Aug 07:08
Are there lessons for our kids to be learned from our national political farce? Is…

Episode 27: Racism and kids & Emmy noms

0s · Published 20 Jul 22:29
Jackson wants to have a YouTube channel on… videogames… ugh. VIEWER MAIL: Our listener Devon…

Episode 26: All Things Miss North Carolina with special guest David Clegg.

0s · Published 02 Jul 21:33
So excited to have David on the show. Check him out here! Jen is in…

Episode 25: with special Guest host JACKSON!

0s · Published 26 Jun 06:00
That’s right Jennifer is off in North Carolina and filling in for her this week…

Episode 24: Father’s Day & Bucket List’s

0s · Published 22 Jun 06:09
Father’s Day Memories, Bucket List, A new diet bet, 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage…

Episode 23: How many more innocent people need to die?

0s · Published 13 Jun 02:50
Jennifer is a mess, Bob is over Miss America, Diet Bet Fail & Emotional eating,…

Episode 22: Does voting for Trump make you a bad person? & Dating Rules to Break

0s · Published 10 Jun 06:31
Growing up in a world with a black president and maybe even a woman president.…

Episode 21: Gorilla’s and Theft

0s · Published 01 Jun 07:19
Diet Bet update, Our car was broken into and Jackson’s baseball equipment was stolen, Murder…

That's Life with Bob & Jen has 30 episodes in total of explicit content. Total playtime is 19:14:29. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on November 22nd 2022. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on August 24th, 2023 23:48.

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