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They See Me Mommin' Podcast

by Viv Jones and Maria Hoey

1 mum, 1 mom. Both OC transplants from either side of the pond; united by our love for comedy, family life, blogging and all things Harry Potter.Laugh along to our musings about love, life, what it's really like to be a parent, and how much we love cake!If you're looking for a fun listen with an injection of serious and a side order of sweet, you just found it! We're podcasting the S@*T out of motherhood.Viv and Maria Music credit to

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The Move

36m · Published 08 Sep 21:00

The move....what has happened in the last 3 months?!

Harry and Megan - How We Feel

32m · Published 14 Apr 22:00

We decided to do an American Vs British take on the Harry and Megan debate!

Mom Fails - The One With The Poop

33m · Published 04 Mar 05:00

Back at it with another episode of #MOMFAILS!  You won't want to miss this!

The Cat Video - What's Getting us Through!

34m · Published 25 Feb 17:00

We chat about what is getting us through - because it's still quarantine the UK!

Festive Fun and Hilarity

30m · Published 21 Dec 21:00

EPISODE WARNING: graphic E.L.F discussion! Just kidding, but we do discuss elf shenanigans near the start of the episode (from 10.25 - 15.50 so skip this section if you are around little ears!) 

This year Christmas looks a little different, but we’re still here to spread some festive cheer and tell some ridiculous stories! 

Happy holidays to all our wonderful listeners. We love you all dearly! See you in 2021!!

The rollercoaster of 2020 - adult and kid self care

43m · Published 08 Dec 18:00

Hasn’t 2020 been the longest of years?! We give an update on the rollercoaster of the past month and what’s been going on! We talk self care for both us and our kids this week. Their little bodies and minds need some self care too, especially this year! 

School Days - What education looks like right now

26m · Published 22 Sep 20:00

Maria and Viv are back from their annual summer hiatus! This episode is all about schooling our kids during this pandemic. Whether it’s virtual schooling, home schooling or regular in person schooling (with a Covid twist of course!) we’ve got you covered. 

We need to talk about Race with our Children!

45m · Published 15 Jun 11:00

Maria and Viv discuss racism, and how we are talking to our kids about race. Maria and Viv have their own different ways of discussing race with their children and discuss some important issues. Both Maria and Viv have experienced racial bias and are strongly passionate about educating future generations to have a greater understanding of racism.

Links the articles we discuss in the episode. These are great informative pieces that all parents need to read:

Eco Friendly Living during a Pandemic?! An interview with Eco Friendly Mama

43m · Published 16 May 17:00

We talk all things eco friendly with the wonderful Eco Friendly Mama. Hilary shares some ways to think eco friendly during the COVID19 pandemic, and also explains some ways the Earth is benefiting from us staying home.
You can find Hilary and more of her amazing wisdom here:

Is it still quarantine?

38m · Published 15 Apr 15:00

Inspired by Maria's amazing spoof video, we discuss how quarantine is making us feel. Some days are great, others are not so great. But as always, what you get from us is honesty!

You can watch Maria's hilarious Tangled Spoof video here!

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