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Tired as Moms

by Mostly Harmless Media

Two moms tackle the realness of being a mom - the expectations, failures, heartfelt moments, and the exhaustion. We meet weekly to laugh over wine as we cover various mom topics - work/life balance (or lack thereof), always being late, hidden poopy kid underwear, school car rider lines, random mom rules we have to follow, and many, many more. This podcast is raw and real. If you want the truth in all of its glory, this is the podcast for you. Have some fun with us and listen to our real-life stories. Get ready to laugh!

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Would You Rather Mom Style

25m · Published 30 Jul 08:23

What would YOU rather...

Wouldn't it be nice if you could choose the lesser of two evils in parenting?!  Would you rather step on something wet with socks on or step on a Lego?  In this episode Kristi and Jessica found some hilarious would you rather scenarios to ponder.

#isthatwaterorpee #steponalego #poopinpeace #poopshoes

The Mom Playlist

21m · Published 12 Jul 01:10

Moms need music...everybody needs music.  Kristi and Jessica share their top 5 mom songs for every mom's playlist.  Don't worry these are not your average mom songs!






The After Trip

21m · Published 24 Jun 08:08

Kristi is on to something in this one...Moms should be whisked away for a post-vacation mom-only vacation after any family vacation.  Time away can be amazing for the entire family, but it can also be filled with kids' questions like, "what's truffle butter?".  Moms need to decompress before the aftermath of the after trip unfolds.  Unpacking or not unpacking?  Pre-vacation cleaning or dishes left in the sink?  How do you handle it all?  Listen as Jessica and Kristi over share on their after trip aftermaths.

#whydoesitsmelllikefish #packinglistfordays #assumeitsalldirty #preparetoprepare #calgontakemeaway #oversharingiscaring 

Swimsuit Season

21m · Published 14 Jun 02:47

Ready or not, Tired as Moms, here comes Swimsuit Season! Deny no longer, because it's time to shop, shave, spray tan, maybe scurry past awful mirrors in bad lighting.  Whatever you have to do to get yourself in that swimsuit.  We all prep differently, but we all put that suit on one leg at a time.  Join Jessica and Kristi and they share their versions of summer prep steps.  Don't worry they aren't afraid to shave, oops I mean share it all!

#momkini #shaveitall #checktheback #denydenydeny

Movies for Moms

30m · Published 25 May 21:37

Yea, yea, there’s no time for movies but if the rare two hour block of time opens up, we can save you from a disappointing Pinterest search (we did it!  There’s not much out there) and just give you our list.  Tired as Moms hosts share our list of movies we think you’ll appreciate! #tiredasmoms #ifeelpretty #thisis40 #youdohavetime #selfcare

Part 3 - Bringing Home Baby

25m · Published 12 May 04:38

Bring home baby and start the sweat sesh!  We don’t mean a workout, just the insane post-baby sweat-fest as your body takes on new forms.  You might have even considered buying a new mattress while you’re applying deodorant in new places.  Did you know how much you loved sleep?  Stroll with us down memory lane in bringing your baby home from the hospital.  #ilovewater #postbabysweatfest #tiredasmoms  #beyonce #beyoncesavedmysanity #rosanne #rosannewasthere

Evolution of a Mom Part II: The Delivery mom

25m · Published 30 Apr 21:58

Join Tired as Moms as we relive the joys of delivery! This baby is coming...I think. Just go to your happy place.
Back labor? Is there an app for that?
How do we prepare for this?
Does everyone slip on their amniotic fluid?
#tiredasmoms #deliverysucks

Evolution of a Mom Part I: Pregnancy

30m · Published 17 Apr 22:00

You’re a Pregnant Mom!  What to expect when you’re expecting –  “Tired as Moms” style. Keep in mind that this podcast is not designed to make you a better mom; we’re here to make sure you feel like you’re a better mom… as we share our real, relatable mom stories. Remember those unfamiliar, anxiety-inducing words that become part of your… Read more →

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28m · Published 30 Mar 22:09

#Momnesia : (Noun/adjective/verb) The act of forgetting even the simplest things due to complete overload of stress. Aka: mom brain, pregnancy brain When you walk into a room & completely forget what you were doing & maybe even who you are…you have mom amnesia. #momnesia is a real issue  & most moms out there are struggling each day to remember… Read more →

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Daylight SavinG Time

24m · Published 15 Mar 03:33

Daylight SavinG Time Well, we’ve been saying THAT wrong for our whole lives?!  After you change all of your clocks, grab a glass of wine and commiserate with Tired as Moms on the circle of hell that is Springing Forward.  There’s no extra bounce in the mornings following this asshole of a day, but don’t worry, Sleepy Monday is behind… Read more →

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