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Gimme Your Five

by Gimme Your Five

With your hosts, Chris and Melyssa Kelly, each week we explore a new topic and give you our top 5’s! The range of topics we will discover are endless and will be a ton of fun!

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Top 5 Candy Bars

20m · Published 28 Feb 06:00

This week we talk, in detail, about what our top 5 favorite candy bars are!

Top 5 Romantic Comedies

15m · Published 14 Feb 06:00

On this Valentine's Day, we discuss the films, we believe, are the greatest Rom Coms of all time!

Top 5 Walt Disney World

20m · Published 07 Feb 06:00

Top 5 Tips, Things to bring to the parks, attractions, food, and 5 PARKS!

Top 5 TV Characters

16m · Published 31 Jan 11:40

This week we discuss our top 5 favorite tv characters of all time!

Top 5 Worst Sounds

22m · Published 24 Jan 11:21

Whether it is straight up cringy or just plain annoying, this week we discuss the worst sounds!

Top 5 Spicy Cherry Colas

25m · Published 19 Jan 12:33

Yes that is what a Dr Pepper is described as...a spicy cherry cola. This week we compare Dr. Pepper with many different competitors and see who reigns king! Will Pibb or Dr. Thunder beat out Dr. Pepper??

Top 5 Ways To Survive Winter

15m · Published 10 Jan 06:00

This week we discuss our top 5 favorite ways to make the most of the cold months that can often seem never ending!

Top 5 Movie Franchises

21m · Published 03 Jan 06:00

This week we discuss our top 5 favorite Movie Franchises!

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

34m · Published 27 Dec 11:58

This week we break down some Top 5's from 2022 and give our Top 5 best New Year's Resolution Ideas for 2023.

Top 5 Lindor Chocolate Truffles

24m · Published 20 Dec 06:00

This week we tried every flavor of Lindt's Lindor Chocolates that we could find at Target and we rank our top 5. It was so delicious!

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