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Maseys Mancave Musing

by John Mason

Direct from my Mancave in Essex, England I bring you the musings, mutterings and the odd moan of a 52 Year old English dad of four children. I talk kids, life, love and all sorts of nonsense. You will see on this account some podcasts called Twin Chat which I did with my lovely wife and mother of my amazing twin girls. Please do check them out also. I would love you to get in touch. What's on your mind? Did you like the podcast? What's going on in your life? What should we talk about? If so please email me at: [email protected]

Copyright: John Mason


S1 Ep42: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep42 29.3.24

52m · Published 29 Mar 08:00
Happy Easter. Happy Good Friday. Happy Long Good Friday. Ahh, yes, the great British gangland thriller, "celebration eggs", more swimming pool memories and flying in front of an all girls school are among this episodes musings

S1 Ep41: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep41 9.3.2024

1h 3m · Published 09 Mar 06:21
Greetings dear listener. Welcome back to another cracking episode. This week I muse about Sauna conversations, Tony Hadley dreams, Michael Barrymore, York's chocolate and sweet industry and other random "stuff".
Check out the absolutely bonkers Michael Barrymore video here:

S1 Ep40: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep40 10.2.24

1h 1m · Published 10 Feb 07:58
Greetings everyone. The year is passing by very quickly and it is wet and cold in the UK. This episode I muse about loads of random rubbish including being flagged down by random men at 4.30am, riding your bike without lights and on the pavement, being actually scared of the Police as a kid and spending pocket money on a quarter of midget gems

S1 Ep39: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep39 28.1.24

55m · Published 28 Jan 20:30
2024 in full swing and in this episode I muse about a month without booze, licking the tax return frog, KFC v Judo and the perils of copying Ricky Grantshaw's fashion choices

S1 Ep38: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep38 13.1.24

1h 4m · Published 13 Jan 08:06
Kicking off the first podcast of 2024 with musings on Fred and Rose West, the NHS, Air Supply love songs, getting dumped on valentines day and the Postmaster scandal. Thats should do it. Enjoy!

S1 Ep37: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep37 27.12.23

55m · Published 27 Dec 16:28
What does January sales, York Co-Op, James Bond's Corgi Goldfinger Cars and Just Stop Oil protestors have in common?
They are all featured on my probably last Maseys Mancave Musing of 2023!

S1 Ep36: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep36 16.12.23

53m · Published 16 Dec 20:37
Welcome back dear listner. This episode I cover UK Christmas TV schedules, Radio and TV Times, 1980's mens aftershave and other musings

S1 Ep35: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep35 2.12.23

51m · Published 02 Dec 10:53
It's Christimas time again and the Masey Mancave family are racing head on into the festive season. This episode I muse about Xmas No1s, blame the music industry for war and propose to create a modern day Christmas song!

S1 Ep34: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep34 5.11.23

58m · Published 05 Nov 07:48
I'm back! Not that I went anywhere, apart from Hulll and back. Have missed doing the podcast for over a month so great to be back with you. This episode I muse about the weather, shit drivers, Hull, how usless the UK is at delivering major projects, religion and war. A real barrel of laughs this one!!!! Enjoy

S1 Ep33: Maseys Mancave Musing Ep33 29.9.23

1h 2m · Published 29 Sep 20:49
This week I'm down the Mancave on a Friday night after half a bottle of South African Malbec. What could go wrong? I muse about a lot of stuff including American traffic DUI tests, Brownie / Scout uniforms and why do they send Fire Engines to things that need an ambulance?
Anyway, here is a link to the mental DUI stop I mention and another link to a Sov Citizen stop:
Trying to phone someone with Wet Wipes:
Sov Citizens:

Maseys Mancave Musing has 58 episodes in total of explicit content. Total playtime is 53:13:27. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on November 22nd 2022. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on April 2nd, 2024 07:46.

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