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Change In Progress.

by calebjhudson

Longtime friends, Chris and Caleb, talk about meditation, mindfulness and curiosity about how the whole thing works.

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#008: Synchronicity

29m · Published 11 Jan 04:12

This is a conversation about the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. In other words, we talk about synchronicity. 

#007: Brain Chatter

22m · Published 11 Jan 04:09

This episode is a conversation on calming chaos in our heads.  

#005 and 006: Is lasting happiness a myth?

42m · Published 17 Dec 19:11

In this special two-part episode, we have a vulnerable discussion around chasing happiness. Keep listening - it sounds like it ends but we kept recording.

#004: Love Like Skin

14m · Published 17 Dec 19:05

In this episode, we tackle love and discuss a picture of love as understood during a recent meditation. 

#003: Why Meditate?

25m · Published 15 Dec 22:11

Why do we meditate? What do we get out of it? Why bother with it in the first place? 

#002: Meditation - Going Deeper

24m · Published 15 Dec 22:06

In this episode, we talk about meditation and how we've experimented with it over the years. 

#001: Meditation Experience

27m · Published 15 Dec 22:03

In our first episode, we discuss meditation and talk about what it means to us. 

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