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by Dominique & Ms. Latrice

Conversations between Dominique and Ms. Latrice about an array of topics. These topics include health, life, business, relationships, and whatever else we feel we need to discuss.

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Arts in Quarantine [#19]

23m · Published 02 Jun 02:00

The DL Power Couple discuss how prevalent art has become and will continue to be during quarantine. A lot of Ms. Latrice's artistic engagements have become zoom calls. She has still been able to engage in the arts everyday through her freelance business. Ms. Latrice has also been able to engage in the arts by participating in virtual events with the...Read more

Quarantine Chronicles [#18]

28m · Published 23 Apr 03:00

The DL Power Couple describes how the COVID-19 quarantine has impacted their lives. Ms. Latrice had paid performances cancelled and she even had to cancel a staged reading of her own play. Dominique was supposed to be part of an exchange program between Germany and the United States. Both Dominique and Ms. Latrice have made necessary adjustments and have...Read more

Arts and Interaction Part 2 [#17]

35m · Published 10 Apr 20:00

Dominique & Ms. Latrice converse about being casted in a play towards the end of college where Dominique played Ms. Latrice's son. They talk about how enjoyable this experience was and how well the play was received. Ms. Latrice goes on to talk about the power of art and explains that art can change lives. Dominique emphasizes that both he and Ms....Read more

Arts and Interaction Part 1 [#16]

32m · Published 26 Feb 19:00

Dominique and Ms. Latrice discuss how prevalent art has been in their lives. The arts actually brought them together and they have been supporting each other's artistic endeavors ever since. After meeting through a spoken word ensemble called Haraka Writers, Ms. Latrice and Dominique performed together in many shows. Most of these shows were organized by...Read more

Blending Families Through Engagement [#15]

23m · Published 09 Dec 05:00

The DL Power Couple Podcast had its first guest! India! India and Ms. Latrice met during the summer before their freshman years of college and India was nice enough to share her knowledge and wisdom with the DL Power Couple Podcast. Ms. Latrice interviewed India about being engaged, same sex marriage, blending two families as part of the marital process,...Read more

Thinking & Over Thinking [#14]

21m · Published 08 Nov 06:00

Dominique & Ms. Latrice talk about making decisions without overthinking. Constant overthinking can make life stagnant. It also provides an opportunity to think about who we actually are and why we do the things we do. Ms. Latrice emphasizes that nothing is guaranteed and that anyone who knows what they want should go get it without hesitation....Read more

Generational Wealth [#13]

27m · Published 26 Sep 02:00

Dominique & Ms. Latrice discuss the concept of generational wealth and wealth in general. The focus on generational wealth comes from one of their listeners who wanted them to discuss the topic and share how they both are finding ways to build generational wealth as a couple. She also wanted them to discuss how they personally combat generational...Read more

Post Concussion Syndrome Part 3 [#12]

27m · Published 12 Sep 21:00

Ms. Latrice lightly interviews Dominique on how her experiencing post concussion Syndrome has affected his life. Dominique gives a detailed and very-real account of what the experience was like at first, and what it is like currently. Dominique experienced a priority switch once Ms. Latrice suffered her injury. Ms. Latrice made sure to ask Dominique...Read more

Know Your Strengths! [#11]

34m · Published 31 Aug 04:00

Dominique and Ms. Latrice discuss their top five strengths according to CliftonStrengths. They both took the strengths finder assessment in College and have been utilizing the results in a productive and effective manner. Those who know this power couple would not be surprised to hear that Dominique's first strength is adaptability and Ms. Latrice's first...Read more

Post Concussion Syndrome Part 2 [#10]

21m · Published 16 Aug 22:00

Dominique lightly interviews Ms. Latrice on her experiences as she has had Post Concussion Syndrome for over 2 years. Ms. Latrice mentions treatments she has tried, how her life has changed, struggles of the job search, her entrepreneurial ventures, how she feels mentally, how she is doing physically, etc. This episode differs greatly from the first...Read more

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