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by Chrissy Newton & Marie Nicola

Join hosts Marie and Chrissy along with their celebrity guests, as they take you on a journey to understand pop culture through the countercultures that formed it. #AltPopRepeat

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The podcast is hosted on Each episode is on average 01:04:18 long.

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Love Culture Even if it’s Pop – Scarlett Bobo

30:57 playtime · Published about 1 month ago · Permalink

S2E12 – Subculture of Sneakers w/ DJ Skee

Where did sneakers originate and how did sneaker culture become an industry worth billions of dollars? What started as sports shoe is now a highly collectable fashion item that's walked it's way off the court and into the closets of millionaires.

01:42:18 playtime · Published about 1 year ago · Permalink

S2E11 – The Subculture of Sex w/ Dr. Jess

This may be our sexiest show, ever! Listen in as we dive into the cultural syncs that took sex from sin to the mainstream - that's right! We're delivering the most taboo episode to date!

01:44:47 playtime · Published about 1 year ago · Permalink

S2E10 – Subculture of Shadows: The Horror Episode w/ Ramsey Campbell

Beyond the culture of slasher films of the 80's is the incredibly rich horror subculture of pop culture. Where did it come from and what were the pivotal moments in history that contributed to its rise in popularity? Tune in to the latest episode of Alt.Pop.Repeat to hear our guest, Ramsey Campbell, a British writer considered by a number of critics to be...Read more

01:21:36 playtime · Published over 1 year ago · Permalink

S2E09 – Drawn Out: The Comic Book Episode w/ Kevin Eastman

From the 1930s to today, comic books have had a major part in society - from war time propaganda to box office hits, we dive into the catalyst moments where comic books crossed over into the mainstream. We're joined by the man who co-created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman.

01:12:01 playtime · Published over 1 year ago · Permalink

S2E08 – Click to Play: The Internet Episode w/ Amber MacArthur

From Mark Twain to Napster & the secret 70s Canadian "internet". This this episode we explore the history & impact of the world wide web on pop culture.

01:27:00 playtime · Published over 1 year ago · Permalink

S2E07 – Just Roll With It – The Skateboard Episode w/ Annie Guglia

Want to know how skateboarding was able to shake its subculture roots to go from an illegal alternative to surfing to the 2021 Tokyo Games? We have the answer plus we talk to superstar skateboarder Annie Guglia!

01:39:05 playtime · Published over 1 year ago · Permalink

S2E06 – The Rise of Pride – The LGBTQ Episode

We talk to Jordan Alexander, actress playing Julien Calloway on Gossip Girl Revival, and explore the evolution of the queer community, how far we've come and how much further we still need to go for equality and the freedom to love and be who you are.

01:10:17 playtime · Published over 1 year ago · Permalink

S2E5 – Livin’ on the Veg – The Vegan Episode

From the fringes of culinary society to the surging popularity of plant-based "meats" like Beyond Meat & Impossible, we look at how Veganism made the jump from subculture it to pop culture with Hot for Food author, Lauren Toyota.

57:35 playtime · Published over 1 year ago · Permalink

S2E04 – Reality Bites: The Alternative Music Show w/ Raine Maida

In our latest episode we take a look at the influence of the 90s Alternative Music scene on our modern lives. From fashion to film and the people that inspired a generation to rethink society and art that still echoes today! Joined by our guest, Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace who gives us us a glimpse into his experiences as one of Canada's iconic...Read more

54:53 playtime · Published almost 2 years ago · Permalink

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