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by rova | Mai FM

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FULL SHOW - The $1K Question is HARD 😓

57m · Published 17 May 00:15

Text your guesses to 463!

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The most common PIN numbers revealed! 🤫

3m · Published 16 May 21:35

Almost caught Tegs slippin too

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FULL SHOW - Cheaters exposed 👀

59m · Published 15 May 23:37

Nickson also reveals who made his hair turn grey....spoilers, she's in the room

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Guessing what our listeners do for jobs 👀

5m · Published 15 May 21:06

The segment returns! And Fame is officially cancelled

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FULL SHOW - We finally asked THAT question 💋

57m · Published 14 May 23:39

Nickson also has a stroke live on air...

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Has this EVER happened after a one-night stand?🍒

3m · Published 14 May 20:43

Romantic orrrrrrr.....?!

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FULL SHOW - Tegan's boyfriend debut 📢

58m · Published 13 May 23:36

Lawless Linda also makes her return to the morning show...

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Physics Professor tell us if the Aurora is dangerous 👀

7m · Published 13 May 19:20

Also why is the Sun so 'angry' at the moment?

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FULL SHOW - BBL Drizzy Challenge 🎤

1h 2m · Published 13 May 01:00

Nickson's mum also out here offending everyone in LA

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Trains?! On the MOON?!! 🌙

5m · Published 12 May 23:49

NASA are dreaaaammming

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