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Join me in figuring out what the hell life is all about. Am I right ladies?

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Ep.22 Get ready with me while I talk about Keanu Reeves.

35m · Published 05 Dec 19:00

Mentions / Resources:   Keanu Reeves, the guy. The Matrix, the movie. The Matrix Reloaded, the movie. The Matrix Revolutions, the movie. Animatrix, the movie. Matrix Resurrections, the movie. Constatine, the movie. Devil’s Advocate, the movie. John Wick, the movies? I haven’t watched it. Cyberpunk, the video game. Death Stranding, the video game. One...Read more

Ep. 21 | Why is growing up so hard? Is adopting responsibility the right decision? I'm so lost.

57m · Published 27 Nov 19:27

Mentions / Resources: HigherDOSE Sauna Bag ~ Run It (ft. Annika Wells) by Midnight Kids ~...Read more

Ep.20 | Political ideologies make me feel sad and repressed, but they don't have to. | GRWM

1h 39m · Published 19 Nov 19:19

Ehhh I don't really feel like typing in a personalized description for this episode.   Resources / Mentions: An Amazing Journey Into the Psychotic Mind - Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower ~ Are u ok?: A Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health ~ The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 (Movie) Lilith by J. R....Read more

Ep. 19 | Laura Hightower reads my birth chart!

1h 49m · Published 10 Nov 18:11

I feel like this podcast and the future ones that will occur are transformational conversations that I will carry for the rest of my lifetime. I hardly know jack shit about astrology and Laura Hightower fucking laid that shit out in a way that was meaningful to me as an individual person. I recommend her to every fricken person alive that wants to know...Read more

Ep. 18 | Divine Masculine and Feminine joining into one | Cleopatra (1963) | Thoughts from a Bath

1h 5m · Published 28 Oct 05:27

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and I hope you do too. I also give baby food reviews in this episode.

Ep.17 | Get ready with me, except I have no idea what I'm doing. | Amelia's Escape Podcast

1h 6m · Published 21 Oct 05:20

I tried really hard to get this video posted at 10:20 10/20/2022. Let's hope this is nice to watch. I actually have a really great time recording these, so I'll still make them. Chapters? 22:00 - I leave the bathroom. 28:00 - I release the chickens. 34:00 - I walk into the office. 39:19 - A video of bees. 39:50 - I talk about stories in general, as a...Read more

Meeting Lilith MOTHER FRICKER w/ my chickens (sometimes) | Lilith by J.R. Salamanca Part 2 | Bookclub

1h 26m · Published 12 Oct 20:11

I get pretty pumped in this episode. Trust me bro, that coffee SETS IN. Bertha isn't even that bad. She's a good little chicken that was just a little cold, since it was misty that day. The chickens are in the coop now all nice and safe and away from foxes. Also I can't explain how much I love this book so far. Chapters: 6:00 - Pg. 88: Last Quote from...Read more

Ep.15: Innocence Corrupted. An Asylum Love Story? | Lilith by J.R. Salamanca Part 1. Setup, setup, setup | Bookclub

1h 3m · Published 05 Oct 15:00

Starting a bookclub with only one person reading is easier than you think if you scale it for loneliness. Just kidding, I love being the only person that has an opinion about something. It gives me the spotlight to talk about something and everyone around usually just stays silent because they usually have no input in what I'm saying. At this point, I'm...Read more

Ep.14: Sauna Time - Unintentional drifting relationships, Processing childhood trauma

57m · Published 30 Sep 15:00

Amelia (This is me talking by the way) makes her first appearance since her last podcast with Syddog Steiger! That fuking podcast aired more than a year ago. A lot has changed for young little miss Amelia. She's moved up to Oregon. Got her steamdeck. Has no rent to pay. And is actually sleeping at night (not this night lol, but definitely some nights)....Read more

13: Sydney Steiger W/ HER BABY MINKA IN DA WOMB

1h 7m · Published 29 Sep 15:00

This is my MUTHA FUKIN BROTHA FOR LIFE Syddog. In this episode she's PREGNANT WITH A MUTHA FUKIN BABY and we're catching up from years of separation and disconnection. It was really fun getting to talk to her. Gotta love Sydney. Always. Original Air Date: 08-24-2021 P.S. Her baby's about to turn one in like a month on the posting of this episode... yeh....Read more

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