Amor Con Buddha's Decks On

by Claudia & Miledys

When it comes to relating to the public these two spiritual melanated latinx goddesses have exceeded their share for the last 35 years. From being raised in the boogie down Bronx visiting the local botanicas, to geriatric social workers for homebound seniors. Through a spiritual calling they have joined forces to explore and break down the wonders of Tarot and its meanings through the assistance of Mother, Father, God, Universe.

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EP22 - The World

16m · Published 30 Jun 04:00

All good things come to an end, and the ending is just the beginning for something new, come celebrate the end of a journey in this soulful edition of Decks On! Our journey of the Tarot one deck at a time, and we've come to the final card of the Major Arcana, which is the World!We're here for a good time, not a long time...and we shall be back with Season...Read more

EP21 - Judgement

14m · Published 16 Jun 04:00

We are continually learning and growing, and in this episode we are getting deep about the judgement card and what it means when you are at the end of a road. Judgement means something different to everyone, and as you'll see in this episode, we both have different ways of looking at the same card. There's a lot of laugh, because we as light-beings take...Read more

EP20 - The Sun

12m · Published 16 Jun 04:00

This episode is nice and light, with some skincare tips and how to honor our greatest star, and also this beautiful moment that is the Sun card of the Major Arcana.Decks On is where we traverse through the tarot one card at a time, bringing in our joy, knowledge, and songs to share our findings and information.  Decks discussed: Osho Zen, If you want ...Read more

EP19- The Moon

16m · Published 08 Jun 01:00

The moon is a tricky subject due to its many theories, misconception and overall connection to astronomy. For us in the tarot world it is connected to our emotions, duality and a form of observing our interaction with our surrounding.Listen in as Miledys creates a "New Word" she was speaking too fast again. Claudia also shares a discovery when it comes to...Read more

15 - The Temperance

11m · Published 08 Jun 01:00

How do you feel about slowing down? This is what The Temperance card brings to us connecting to our emotions in a calm and changing way.In this episode Claudia and Miledys share how this card really does not excite them due to its water aspects. Nonetheless it does bring those who receive this card in a reading a since that all will be well when the...Read more

18 - The Star

16m · Published 08 May 11:00

Here we are with another epic tarot episode for you as we tap into The Star Card.Things begins to clear up as The Star card shows us how to stop and reflect on life. What has transpire? Bringing in a balance as we allow ourselves to be lead by our hearts desire. The Star card reminds us to stay grounded as we make decisions, having faith tat all will turn...Read more

17 - The Tower

16m · Published 08 May 11:00

Get ready to let it all crumble to bring in that new beginning with The Tower card.Last two episodes got really heavy for us here on "Decks On" as we dove deep into the parts of a humans life that keep us from moving forward as we shifted through what no longer serves us. In this episode we shed some light on what it means to hold on, stay and defend...Read more

13 - The Hanged Man

14m · Published 21 Apr 17:00

What up? What's popping Love Beings?? We start off lightening a not so light card, as we explore the intricacies of this card. Come laugh with us, and see the different interpretations of the 13th card in the Major Arcana.Also we discuss a bit about how we work with different decks, since we love the variety of expressions that different Tarot offer.Decks...Read more

14 -The Death Card

17m · Published 21 Apr 17:00

What up? What's popping Love Beings??Started off with a light tune, but we got really deep because this card is what it is. It represents so much, as you see we both have our ways to interpret these.Decks discussed: Osho Zen, Africana TarotIf you want  more about tarot, come learn with us!Check out our website for more information on our Awaken Intuition...Read more

12 - The Justice

11m · Published 07 Apr 17:00

This talk puts us in a space of bringing balance as the Justice card When it comes to this card we have to pay attention to what is about to be served. We will experiences equality. One way or another the we are being given what we deserve. It is obvious that this card is connected to court, contracts, commitment or any legal matters. The Justice card is...Read more

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