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My Work In Progress

This podcast is all about embracing our innate desire for growth while understanding that it is a process and not a destination. đŸ’œ Support this podcast: · Copyright: Heidi Vega

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The podcast is hosted on Each episode is on average 28:49 long.

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Creating an Alter Ego

Let’s have a quick chat about that alternative self you may want to embrace. --- Support this podcast:

23:14 playtime · Published about 2 years ago · Permalink

Get To Know Your Excuses

Excuses, big or small, seen to plague us when we are trying to step out of our comfort zone. How do you get past them? --- Support this podcast:

24:18 playtime · Published over 2 years ago · Permalink

Self Therapy, Is It For You?

Let’s explore self therapy today! For show notes go to --- Support this podcast:

26:34 playtime · Published over 2 years ago · Permalink

The Value of Beauty

Do you value beauty or does beauty value you? This is an episode that explores body and self image. --- Support this podcast:

37:50 playtime · Published over 2 years ago · Permalink

Do You Know A Conspiracy Theorist?

In this episode we don't cover any particular conspiracy theory but rather dive into the concept of conspiracy theories themselves and how they flourish and how to possibly approach conspiracy theorists especially when they are friends or family members. For show notes go to  --- Support this podcast:...Read more

34:40 playtime · Published over 2 years ago · Permalink

Let's Talk: Protesters #BLM

Today I have 3 guests on the show, Miriah, Bre and William, (in order of appearance) to talk about their experiences not only at the protests but during the current events that have unraveled these past weeks. For more info and show notes, visit --- Support this podcast:

01:40:49 playtime · Published over 2 years ago · Permalink

Anxious AF? Me too.

Kicking off the season with a conversation about anxiety, and how we can possibly make peace with the uncertainty we feel collectively as a species. For show notes, visit  --- Support this podcast:

34:50 playtime · Published over 2 years ago · Permalink

Season 3 Premieres June 1st!

Hello WIP family! Listen in on Monday, June 1st, for the premiere of My Work In Progress Season 3! For show notes and bonuses visit I think I need to create a gofundme page so I can afford to buy the domain that has .com at the end lol.  --- Support this podcast:

06:01 playtime · Published over 2 years ago · Permalink

Exploring Toxic Relationships w/ Nicki

In this episode I have special guest Nicki joining me. Nicki is a Youtuber who does dance covers for KPOP music. Nicki and I have had our fair share of conversations about relationships and so we thought it'd be a great Idea to record a conversation about toxic relationships since we have both experienced them. We give our personal insights and thoughts...Read more

01:04:03 playtime · Published over 2 years ago · Permalink

The Scientific Method For Life

Life seems like one big experiment after all, so why not approach it as such? This approach to complex/simple issues and difficulties has proven useful to me and I hope it can for you as well! --- Support this podcast:

16:11 playtime · Published over 2 years ago · Permalink

My Work In Progress has 57 episodes in total of non- explicit content. Total playtime is 27:22:41. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on November 23rd 2022. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on December 5th, 2022 17:39. My Work In Progress was added to the catalog on 23/11/2022.

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