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My Work In Progress

by Heidi Vega

This podcast is all about embracing our innate desire for growth while understanding that it is a process and not a destination. 💜 Support this podcast:

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Tess Holiday, Fat Shaming? | This News Ain’t New

25m · Published 20 Sep 16:27
Fat shaming and body positivity may have been coming up on your news feed more than ever due to Tess Holiday's appearance on the cover of Cosmopolitian magazine. I have to add something to this conversation that needs to be said. I hope you guys enjoy my take on the subject and hopefully it provides insight and a fresh perspective. --- Support this podcast:

Beware Of Your Comfort Zone | Growing Uncomfortable

16m · Published 06 Sep 01:47
In this episode I outline some of the reasons why comfort zones can be holding you back. I have 4 ways in which you can get out of your comfort zone without having to leave the country or spend a lot of money. I've recently started doing these four things more often and they have really had an amazingly positive effect on all aspects of my life. --- Support this podcast:

Being a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger | Jeanette Padilla Vega

1h 3m · Published 29 Aug 16:12
Have you ever been curious about your favorite content creators lifestyle? Some people call it nosey but truthfully I think it's only natural to want to explore the different aspects of someones life who you admire. Getting a sense of who someone is beyond their talents is very common. There are many theories as to why but one thing I know for certain is that lifestyle content is not going away and is likely to become the norm. When you participate on social media as yourself you are often sharing your lifestyle. We do edit and filter our lifestyle, often sharing the better parts. Yet, now we are starting to see people sharing the not so pretty parts and to our surprise it has caused people to respond with empathy, compassion and understanding. Sure you will still get pleanty of judgement but that happens no matter what. In this episode, joining me is Jeanette Padilla Vega, a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is also my cousin 💕 and we talked about lifestyle content, veganism, motherh --- Support this podcast:

Finding A Life Partner 2018 | Pessimistic Lover

19m · Published 02 Aug 13:37
Okay so to be quite honest I am a total pessimist in this episode but I have the tendency to be when it comes to "romantic" relationships. I dive into why I think it's difficult to find a life partner in today's social climate. There isn't one reason and obviously becomes more complex the deeper you dig. Honestly just more of a rant so thank you for listening. --- Support this podcast:

Why Being A Work In Progress Matters

30m · Published 26 Jul 15:39
There is more to being a work in progress than just a clever podcast name. In this episode I'm digging into the reason why being a WIP has become so important to me and has transformed the way I look at my life. I am hoping that it can do the same for you even if only for one aspect of your life. I always appreciate your feedback, good or bad so don't be shy and let me know what you think. 😬💜 --- Support this podcast:

Understanding Your Period | Health In Progress

15m · Published 19 Jul 14:49
As a woman, your body goes through different phases throughout the month. These 4 phases affects you in different ways. Understanding these phases has, for me, proven to increase my likelihood of having a successful month and thus a fullfilling year(s) = meaningful life. 🙏🏼 --- Support this podcast:

Ask an Esthetician | Brenda Guzman

26m · Published 04 Jul 16:03
Esthetician, Brenda Guzman joins the podcast today to talk about her profession as well her personal experiences in the practice. She also will be sharing some skincare tips! --- Support this podcast:

Discovering Your Fitness Goals | Mae Allyn

35m · Published 28 Jun 15:58
On this episode of Health in Progress, I have guest Mae Allyn, a fitness and healthy living coach, to talk to us about her personal journey through fitness. We also discuss fitness trends and social medias depiction of fitness. --- Support this podcast:

Millennial Mommy | I love you too but...

11m · Published 23 Jun 18:28
A generation that is obsessed with "likes", do we worry too much, as parents, about being liked??? As Cookies Kid once said "I love you too, but I dont like you all the time," my feelings exactly kid. Growing pains means you won't like your kid and your kid won't like you 50% of the time. That's ok because it means you're more likely raising children who will turn into adults that you do like. This episode includes an audio clip from viral video “I don’t like you mommy” by channel: Cookies Kid , audio is used for commentary purposes. --- Support this podcast:

The Generation of Online Dating | Ceisley

34m · Published 16 Jun 16:12
More and more people are beginning to explore the online dating world with apps like Tinder, OkCupid and Bumble. I don't plan on doing any online dating and yet I found myself completely intrigued by the stories of people's experience with it. Ceisley is the creator and host of "Shoulda Swiped Left", a podcast in which she shares her experience with online dating in a comedic and relatable way. I had many questions for Ceisley, from "how important are second opinions?" to "does it make you more picky and judgemental?". We even dove into some of the racial prejudices that make their way into the world of online dating. Overall, there were insightful observations and a lot of laughs throughout our conversation. Listen, Learn, Laugh and Enjoy! * * * Traveling? Don't want to hassel with planning lodging? Ana to the rescue! Text Ana (Let her know Heidi sent you) 573-239-8442 --- Support this podcast:

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