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7/14/23 - MyAgLife Episode 178: Interview with Teleos' Brian Hegland on Telone/1,3-D Restrictions for Nematode Control

23m · Published 14 Jul 20:00

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Teleos' Brian Hegland to discuss implications of California Department of Pesticide Regulation's proposed restrictions on Telone/1,3-D set to come into effect January 2024.

7/7/23 - MyAgLife Episode 177: Interview with UC Davis' Brittney Goodrich on Economic Considerations for Navel Orangeworm Management

24m · Published 07 Jul 20:00

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Brittney Goodrich, assistant professor of cooperative extension in UC Davis’ Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, to discuss the economics for navel orangeworm management in almond orchards taking costs and returns into consideration.

6/30/23 - MyAgLife Episode 176: Interview with Western Region CCA's Dr. Karl Wyant and Progressive Crop Consultant's Jason Scott on the 2023 Crop Consultant Conference

21m · Published 30 Jun 20:00

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Dr. Karl Wyant, Western Region Certified Crop Advisers Association chair, and Jason Scott, publisher of Progressive Crop Consultant, to discuss the upcoming Crop Consultant Conference on September 27th and 28th in Visalia and what consultants can expect from this event.

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6/23/23 - MyAgLife Episode 175: Interview with HotSpot's Steven Soares on Automation to Simplify Management

19m · Published 23 Jun 20:00

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Steven Soares of HotSpot Ag to discuss simplifying irrigation management and other management tasks through automation and real-time data.

6/16/23 - MyAgLife Episode 174: (RERUN) Interview with Brad Higbee on Pistachio Sanitation and Navel Orangeworm

15m · Published 16 Jun 20:00

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Brad Higbee, research entomologist and field R&D manager at Trece Inc., to discuss field studies related to mummy sanitation practices in pistachio and their effect on navel orangeworm damage and egg trap counts.

6/9/23 - MyAgLife Episode 173: Interview with Ali Cox on Food and Ag Branding

23m · Published 09 Jun 21:00

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Ali Cox, agriculture and food ingredient marketing specialist and Noble West founder, to discuss the importance of food and agriculture brands telling their stories.

6/2/23 - MyAgLife Episode 172: Interview with UCCE's Franz Niederholzer on June Almond Considerations

15m · Published 02 Jun 23:04

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Franz Niederholzer, UCCE Orchard Advisor for Colusa, Sutter and Yuba counties, to discuss pest and water considerations for almonds in the month of June, taking into account this year's wet winter and spring flooding. 

5/26/23 - MyAgLife Episode 171: Interview with CDFA's Sarah Standiford on Produce Safety Rule Inspections

19m · Published 26 May 20:00

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Sarah Standiford, senior environmental scientist with California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Produce Safety Program, to discuss produce safety inspections and what growers should expect.

5/19/23 - MyAgLife Episode 170: Interview with Western Agricultural Processors Association on Regulatory Updates

22m · Published 19 May 21:00

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Western Agricultural Processors Association’s Roger Isom, Priscilla Rodriguez and Chris McGlothlin to discuss ag regulatory updates in the month of May.

5/12/23 - MyAgLife Episode 169: Interview with UCCE's Cameron Zuber on Mitigating Almond Replant Challenges

17m · Published 12 May 20:00

Taylor Chalstrom sits down with Cameron Zuber, UCCE orchard crops farm advisor in Madera and Merced counties, to discuss identifying and mitigating replant challenges in almond orchards and preparing new orchards for issues they may face.

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