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God loves you. No Exceptions.

by westwoodhouseku

Welcome to our podcast! We will feature devotionals, sermons, and other encouraging things to listen to connect and God.

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Cross Rethought, Ep. 16: Send You

8m · Published 14 Jun 02:52

Hop in and discuss the commissioning from Jesus to the disciples in John and how it applies today.

Cross Rethought, Ep. 15: Agape

7m · Published 06 Jun 13:35

Join Rachel this week as she talks about the implications of our be-ingness

Cross Rethought, Ep. 14: The Plans I Have For You

8m · Published 22 May 11:40

Tune in to explore Jeremiah 29 and the promise from God first proposed to the Israelites in Babylonian exile.

Cross Rethought, Ep. 13: Not Destroyed

10m · Published 15 May 03:51

Listen in this Friday as Rachel discusses the implications of 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 and explore where this verse applies to the uncertainty in the world today.

Cross Rethought, Ep. 12: In Our Image

6m · Published 08 May 22:59

Join Rachel as she dives into Genesis 1:26 and explores the Holy Trinity.

Cross Rethought, Ep. 11: From Dust to Dust

11m · Published 01 May 04:07

Jump in with Rachel to talk about Ecclesiastes 3 and the significance of timing and where it lies with the Holy Spirit.

Cross Rethought, Ep. 10: Weary

7m · Published 24 Apr 14:30

Today, listen in as Rachel delves into Matthew 10 to explore the implications of being weary and where God lies.

Cross Rethought, Ep. 9: Step Out of the Boat

9m · Published 20 Apr 13:50

Join Rachel as she explores the wonders of Jesus walking on water and how maybe we can strive to be more like Peter.

Cross Rethought, Ep. 8: As Yourself

7m · Published 17 Apr 14:33

Join Rachel as she considers what it means to "Love your neighbor as yourself" on this lovely Friday morning.

Cross Rethought, Ep. 7: Radical Grace

9m · Published 13 Apr 14:24

On this Monday, spend a few minutes with Rachel as she considers the applications and meaning of grace in our world today.

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