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The podcast is hosted on Each episode is on average 01:12:57 long.


159: The Collapse Never Comes

A hot pod and a little bit of everything. We rundown some news items upfront, then discuss, mid-life crises, business papers, travel planning, a $30 steak, and bad energy encounters.

01:12:51 playtime · Published 13 days ago · Permalink

158: Hand Over Foot

Studio injuries, Monkeypox, microdosing, flies, a little Hunter, volcanoes, Carol Brady's maiden name, and we argue about Peter Thiel and Gawker for some reason.

01:13:18 playtime · Published 20 days ago · Permalink

157: D.C.

America is hard to see...try going at night.

01:23:18 playtime · Published 27 days ago · Permalink

156: The Dutch Spectre

Gym, beach, SWIM buys mushrooms, gambling follow up, stealing form strangers, Washington DC, the Lavendar Scare, crack in the car, and world crises.

01:08:41 playtime · Published about 1 month ago · Permalink

155: The Three Men Inside You

This week we talk mass shootings, the Rockyverse, sports betting, tunes, and have a big ol' art chat.

01:09:22 playtime · Published about 1 month ago · Permalink

154: Lazy Libertarianism

Eric Adams, major L's this week, France & Britain, saying nice things to each other, BBL's, eating dirt, poppers, tinfoil hattery, cutting things out, and Yale is nice.

01:02:30 playtime · Published about 2 months ago · Permalink

153: Normalize Alt

The most dangerous game, parking problems, calling things Mary, High T energy, dwarfmaxxing, gold chains, news avoidance and awareness.

01:04:16 playtime · Published about 2 months ago · Permalink

152: Having an Old Week

Cadence, food talk, celeb drama, rules for ribs, condescension vibes, rising and grinding, boundaries, a finance update, aging out of the debate, and Nazis in Uhauls.

01:15:03 playtime · Published 2 months ago · Permalink

151: Shakin' Down the Geezers

Another loopy one! We discuss grandpa's birthday politics, Bussin' and Barbs, pride month rundown, the 6 places we hang out, dirty stories, Uber hidden cameras, acceptance mode, new Grimes Square zones, Bible study and dirty architects.

01:02:50 playtime · Published 2 months ago · Permalink

150: Stop Looking in the Stars

This one is too loopy to summarize. We're all over the place. Hopefully it's fun though.

01:00:38 playtime · Published 3 months ago · Permalink

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