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Another One Of These - The Podcast

by Kashish Grover

The world's most basic yet intriguing podcast. Each episode contains no useful information whatsoever, or does it? Join your host Kashish Grover (basic brown Millennial) as he talks about stuff you probably don't want to hear about because he does not give two shits.

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Don't Do Drugs Kids Episode 10

34m · Published 16 Mar 10:55

It's been a minute, join your host Kashish as he interviews three strangers he met for the first time on New Year's Eve earlier this year to discuss childhood trauma, ex relationships, juicy gossip all while munching on some perfectly normal cookies.

Virtual Wine Tasting Episode 09

15m · Published 20 Jan 08:14

Calling out all Wine enthusiasts! Join your host Kashish Grover as he visits one of the best wineries of New Zealand - Gibson Valley Winery in Queenstown for a cheese tasting tour. Might not be your cup of tea, but it could be your glass of wine? Huge shoutout to the sommelier at the winery, what a guy!

Guess who's back? Episode 08

54m · Published 05 Jan 10:55

Hittoooo is back! Join Kashish and Drishtee as they document one of their many conversations about life, philosophy, banter, trauma, healing and a movie review or two, this time while camping outside Auckland domain, laying underneath the stars.

It's just a fucking job Episode 07

19m · Published 29 Dec 01:48

Ever come across people who spend their lives working for a company? Are you one of those people perhaps? Do you work tooth and nail for a minimum wage job and find yourself overworked? Join Kashish Grover as he talks about the physical and mental implications of overworking and the concept of burning out.

Also, when the fuck did this become a self help pod?

Growing up in a brown family Episode 06 Part 02

35m · Published 15 Dec 11:15

In continuation to the last podcast, Kashish and Drishtee dive deeper into the issues and stigma around mental health in brown families, the importance of therapy for an individual and talk about their own experiences with therapy.

Did Vir Das cross a line? Growing up in a brown family Episode 05 Part 01

35m · Published 08 Dec 11:15

What's it like growing up in a brown family? What are your opinions on mental health in brown families? Do these said opinions match the ones your parents or grandparents have? Join Kashish Grover and Drishtee Hittoo as they try to spread awareness about the stigma around mental health in brown families.

Why I don't talk to my High School friends? Episode 04 Part 02

1h 9m · Published 25 Nov 05:00

After a controversial first part of this episode, Another One Of These The Podcast is back with another one. Join your host Kashish Grover as he discusses in continuation to this two parter episode his dramatic high school and his exes.

Is Taylor Swift overrated? Why I don't talk to my High School Friends anymore? Episode 03 Part 01

39m · Published 17 Nov 23:10

Join Kashish as he brings in Payal Ratra, one of his oldest high school friends and they discuss where their high school friends are and why they don't talk to them anymore. Also is Taylor Swift overrated? Is Jake Gyllenhaal innocent? Find out!

Is Travis Scott a part of the Illuminati? Episode 02

40m · Published 10 Nov 22:00

Were the deaths at Astroworld really a sacrifice towards illuminati or just ignorance? What do anti-vaxers really want? Is Squid Game actually good or just over hyped for some reason. Join Kashish for the second episode along with guest Kayla Gandela

Lockdowns, Cancel Culture and Immigrants Episode 01

1h 3m · Published 05 Nov 03:45

Welcome to the first episode of Another One Of These - The Podcast. Join me and my anonymous guest as we talk about the lockdown situation here in New Zealand, how it is like for an immigrant growing up in a different country and joke about the cancel culture. Tune in to find out more.

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