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Lolly's Secrets Podcast: Grow and develop into your best self

by Lolly

The show is about helping women grow and develop into their best selves. On it, you will get helpful information and tips on topics related to personal growth, relationships, and career development. And you should be here if you are looking for advice on how to improve your life or reach your full potential.

Copyright: Lolly

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The podcast is hosted on Each episode is on average 35:52 long.

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017: The Role of Exes in Our Lives

There are many different opinions on the role of exes in our lives. Some people believe that we should cut all ties with them and never speak to them again, while others think that they can still be a valuable part of our lives. What is the right answer? That depends on your personal situation. In this episode, we will explore both sides of the argument...Read more

27:16 playtime · Published 6 months ago · Permalink

016: Find Your Life Purpose: How to Discover What You Were Born To Do

In this episode, we'll be exploring how to find your life purpose. We talk about taking assessment tests to figure out your talents and skills, and we also talk about the importance of service to others. We're going to talk about looking at your life experiences. What has life taught you so far? What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome...Read more

19:26 playtime · Published 6 months ago · Permalink

015: The Hustle of Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor with Natalie Reilly

Are you considering a career as a driving instructor?  It's a great gig—lots of freedom, flexible hours, and the satisfaction of helping new drivers get on the road.  But it's also a lot of hard work. If you're looking for some tips on how to make the most of your driving instructor career, you've come to the right place!  In this episode, we chat with...Read more

52:12 playtime · Published 7 months ago · Permalink

014: Should You Put Your Relationship on Social Media? 11 Pros and Cons to Consider

Do you post your relationship on social media? There are many benefits to social media such as reminiscing, letting friends and family know you're still going strong, or showing off a new relationship. But there are also some risks- social media may give people the wrong idea about your relationship, or it may be too new or unstable to share. So what...Read more

18:40 playtime · Published 10 months ago · Permalink

013: What are Your Core Values (And Why They Matter?)

Do you know what your core values are?  If not, it's time to figure that out. Your core values are the guiding principles that dictate how you live your life.  They're the things that matter most to you, and they shape who you are as a person.  Knowing your core values is important because it allows you to stay true to yourself, no matter what life throws...Read more

32:32 playtime · Published 10 months ago · Permalink

012: The Hustle of Becoming a Chef with Chef Imoteda

Hi and welcome back to Lolly's Secrets Podcast! In this episode, we chat with Chef Imoteda and discuss her journey to becoming a successful private chef and restaurant consultant. She throws us some major nuggets on things you should put in place when starting a business as a chef. Talks about peers and mentors that inspire her like Chef Fregz, Chef...Read more

01:00:39 playtime · Published 11 months ago · Permalink

011: The Truth About Intimacy In A Relationship (And How To Improve It)

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, but it's often difficult to know how to improve it.  Improving intimacy can be tough, but it's worth it! Not only does a healthy intimate life make you happier, but it also makes your relationship stronger. We have tons of advice on how to increase intimacy in your relationships. From...Read more

26:10 playtime · Published 11 months ago · Permalink

010: Why Self Love Is So Important (And How To Cultivate It)

Self love isn't always about feeling good about who you are. However we all need tough love every so often- know that change doesn't happen overnight. Give yourself time and space to grow into the person you want to be. Here's a quick and easy guide to overcoming negative self talk. You can access it by clicking on this link here.  Subscribe to our...Read more

15:01 playtime · Published 12 months ago · Permalink

009: The Journey of Becoming a Sex and Intimacy Coach With Cecilia Agu

Hi and Welcome back to Lolly's Secrets Podcast! In this episode, I interview Cecilia Agu, a sex and intimacy coach who has a motto that "Orga$m is important"! Some key takeaways for relationships: 1. Be with your friend 2. Have a support system 3. Make sure your relationship is a partnership Listen till the end for 3 $ex tips and a bonus! If you want to...Read more

35:47 playtime · Published about 1 year ago · Permalink

008: Why Friends and Family Don't Support Your Business

Have you ever wondered why the people nearest and dearest to your heart are just not as supportive of your business venture as you hoped they would be? Well... in this episode, we go deep and look at it from all sorts of angles. Try not to get too far into your feelings! I know I struggled! Also! Here's the book that has helped with keeping my perspective...Read more

40:04 playtime · Published over 1 year ago · Permalink

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