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Broken and Beautiful Souls

by Dawn Sanders, M.A.C. and Spiritual Director

This podcast is for you if you would love to have some support in identifying where you feel discouraged, broken or just plain old stuck. It will also aid in moving you toward healing so you can journey with greater confidence into the beautiful soul you were created to be.

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Episode 036: Mindful of Self-Care During Challenge and Trauma (Part 2)

22m · Published 18 Jun 04:30

Self-care is quite the buzz word these days and it is often relegated to the back seat of pampering or over-indulgence. Yet, this kind of indulgence is not required for survival during times of stress, transition or trauma. The self-care discussed here is about developing tools to cultivate a sustainable well-being during life’s challenges.


“Caring for myself is not about self-indulgence, it’s about self-preservation.” ~Audre Lorde

Episode 035: Mindful of Self-Care During Challenge and Trauma (Part 1)

23m · Published 04 Jun 04:30

Do you have a mindful plan for self-care to stay healthy and strong during times of challenge, transition and/or trauma? Have you ever woken up exhausted, wondering how you will even make it through the day and wondering if you could be diagnosed with burnout? If you work or live in high stress situations or have experienced overwhelming challenge, transition or trauma, this series is for you.


“Hold yourself back, or heal yourself back together. You decide.” ~Brittany Burgunder

Episode 034: Rewind ~ You Rule (Creating Your Kingdom)

18m · Published 28 May 04:30

Unfortunately, Dawn's summer cold has not been kind to her voice. In light of this self-care journey (and for the sake of being kind to her voice), Dawn thought it would be appropriate to rewind once again to the topic of Creating Your Kingdom. She hopes this episode will set the stage for being mindful of our unique kingdoms, what we grow in our gardens, and how we choose to care for said gardens.

Now is the time to take stock of your kingdom. All of who you are—your stories, ideas, beauty, body, brains, jobs, relationships, etc. is your kingdom, your castle. You are therefore, queen of your castle. You rule! Is your castle being protected as it should be? Is your well leaking water? Are you and those in your kingdom thriving or surviving? Join Dawn today in taking a closer look at your kingdom.


“Think like a queen.  A queen is not afraid to fail.  Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”   ~Oprah Winfrey

Episode 033: Rewind ~ Decision-Making (Ruminate or Release?)

19m · Published 21 May 04:30

This week, I have decided again to focus on support and care for my own body.  I also celebrate you and thank you for downloading your podcast favorites. 

Today, listen in to "Decision-Making." Have you ever found yourself faced with a decision and all you can do is ruminate over whether to say “yes” or “no” or if you should stay or go? After making a decision, do you continue wondering whether or not you made the right decision? In this episode, Dawn will help you discover the ‘what’ and ‘when’, so you can finally “let it go.”


“Let it go, let it go. I am one with the wind and sky. Let it go, let it go. You’ll never see me cry. Here I stand, and here I’ll stay. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway.” ~Elsa (Frozen)

Episode 032: Rewind ~ Free To Be Me (The Comparison Game)

23m · Published 14 May 04:30

In honor of celebrating God's creation of the amazing feminine, I have decided to take this week and focus on support and care for my own body.  I also celebrate you and thank you for downloading your podcast favorites.  Today, listen in to "Free To Be Me."

Comparing ourselves to others binds us to enmity and loneliness.  This causes separation in relationship.  One person is the 'winner' and the other person is the 'loser'.  What other choice do you have to gauge whether you are doing 'ok' or are 'good enough'?  Join Dawn today as she fleshes out this topic.  


"She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future." ~Prov. 31:25

Episode 031: Shame, Contempt & Healthy Relating

26m · Published 07 May 04:30

Your own shame and contempt negatively impact relationship and prevent intimacy.  Today’s podcast is an excerpt from a teaching Dawn shared at a Spiritual Nurture Retreat in Europe.  In this talk she references a chart adapted from Terry Real’s book, The New Rules of Marriage, as well as a Bible story about a woman, her shame and an alabaster jar. 


“It seems we only know what life is when we know what death is.” ~Richard Rohr

Episode 030: Trauma and Healing ~ Part 4 (Interview with Lara)

22m · Published 30 Apr 04:30

For the one experiencing it, unnamed Secondary Trauma/Vicarious Trauma often results in more harm. Listen to an interview with Lara to hear what she has learned about her own secondary trauma and what has blossomed out of her own brokenness.


“The seed breaks to give us wheat. The soil breaks to give us the crop. The sky breaks to give us the rain. And the wheat breaks to give us the bread. The bread breaks to give us the feast. There was once an alabaster jar that broke to give Him the glory. Never be afraid to be a broken thing.” ~Ann Voskamp

Episode 029 : Trauma and Healing ~ Part 3 (Secondary Trauma)

27m · Published 23 Apr 04:30

Secondary Trauma, also known as Vicarious Trauma, is the lesser known sibling of trauma. A secondary trauma victim rarely understands why she feels disrupted; she feels as if her body has been hijacked. It is terribly confusing for the brain to sort this out when the direct trauma(s) did not happen to the helper or observer. Join Dawn today as she helps to unravel the unique features of Secondary Trauma.


“Who knows why God allows heartbreak, but the answer must be important because God allows His heart to break too.” ~Ann Voskamp

Episode 028: Trauma and Healing ~ Part 2

22m · Published 16 Apr 04:30

Trauma impacts us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Listen as Dawn continues to walk us through an example from her own story, how she was impacted and what helped to bring about healing.


“Our brains continually form maps of the world – maps of what is safe and what is dangerous.” ~Bessel van der Kolk

Episode 027: Trauma and Healing ~ Part 1

18m · Published 09 Apr 04:30

What is trauma and how does it impact us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Dawn walks through an example from her own story of how she was impacted by a traumatic event and what helped to bring about healing.


“The big issue for traumatized people is that they didn’t own themselves anymore. Any loud sound, anybody insulting them… can hijack them away from themselves. And, so what we have learned is that what makes you resilient in trauma is to own yourself fully.” ~Bessel van der Kolk

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