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The Last Archive​ is a show about the history of truth, and the historical context for our current fake news, post-truth moment. It’s a show about how we know what we know, and why it seems, these days, as if we don’t know anything at all anymore. The show is written & hosted by Ben Naddaff-Hafrey, and was created by the historian Jill Lepore. iHeartMedia is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries.

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The Returns: Hush Rush

50m · Published 22 Feb 10:00

Each week on ‘The Returns,’ we pull a different episode from our archive to help put our present politics into historical context.

In the 1980s, Rush Limbaugh transformed talk radio. In the process, he radicalized his listeners and the conservative movement. Limbaugh’s talk radio style became a staple of the modern right. Then, the left joined the fray. This week: partisan loudmouth versus partisan loudmouth, and the shifting media landscape that helped create modern political warfare.

This episode first ran in June, 2021.

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The Returns: Project X

45m · Published 15 Feb 10:00

Each week on ‘The Returns,’ we pull a different episode from our archive to put our present politics into historical context.

The election of 1952 brought all kinds of new technology into the political sphere. The Eisenhower campaign experimented with the first television ads to feature an American presidential candidate. And on election night, CBS News premiered the first computer to predict an American election — the UNIVAC. Safe to say, that part didn’t go according to plan. But election night 1952 is ground zero for our current, political post-truth moment. If a computer and a targeted advertisement can both use heaps of data to predict every citizen’s every decision, can voters really know things for themselves after all?

This episode first ran in the summer of 2020.

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The Returns: An Election Mini-Series from The Last Archive

1m · Published 08 Feb 10:00

Election Year 2024 is upon us. And it promises to be a bit of a mess. But where did all this mess come from? In a 4-episode mini-series drawing from our own archive, Jill Lepore and Ben Naddaff-Hafrey investigate, situate, and contextualize our present moment in the history that brought us here. This series contains episodes from our original seasons alongside new material. Coming next week.

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The Unmarked Graveyard from Radio Diaries

23m · Published 20 Nov 21:00

This is the first episode in Radio Diaries’ new series The Unmarked Graveyard, untangling mysteries from America’s largest public cemetery. Each week, they’re bringing you stories of how people ended up on New York City's Hart Island, the lives they lived, and the people they left behind.

This debut episode goes back to a few years ago, when a young man who called himself Stephen became a fixture in Manhattan’s Riverside Park. Locals started noticing him sitting on the same park bench day after day. He said little and asked for nothing.

When Stephen’s body was found in 2017, the police were unable to identify him, and he was buried on Hart Island. Then, one day, a woman who knew him from the park stumbled upon his true identity, and his backstory came to light.

Listen to new episodes of The Unmarked Graveyard from Radio Diaries every week, wherever you get your podcasts.

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Jill Lepore’s The Deadline

24m · Published 24 Oct 09:00

Today we’re bringing back Jill Lepore with a chapter from her latest bookThe Deadline. The astonishing collection is the art of the essay at its best. Enjoy this chapter and purchase the audiobook here or wherever you get your audiobooks.

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Back In the U.S.S.R. from McCartney: A Life in Lyrics

18m · Published 04 Oct 09:00

What’s Paul McCartney, a Liverpudlian, doing writing about the Soviet Union in 1968? Turns out McCartney was doing a little Chuck Berry, a bit of The Beach Boys, some pastiche and a lot of subversion. Opening “The White Album”, “Back in the U.S.S.R.” raised some eyebrows. And because of The Beatles’ evolving position within the former Eastern Bloc the song has over the years taken on a life of its own, following the trajectory of the West’s often fraught relationship with the region.

Enjoy this episode from “McCartney: A Life in Lyrics,” a co-production between iHeart Media, MPL and Pushkin Industries.

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The Sudden Celebrity of Sir John Knight from Revisionist History

46m · Published 31 Aug 04:00

In the battles over gun rights, a shadowy English nobleman from the 17th century has unexpectedly taken center stage. Whowashe? What did he do that has — 300 years later — endeared him to a generation of legal scholars? Revisionist History explores the cult of personality around the mysterious Sir John Knight. Enjoy this episode fromRevisionist History, another Pushkin Industries podcast.

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The Krononauts

48m · Published 27 Jul 09:00

In our season finale, we travel through time.

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43m · Published 20 Jul 09:00

In the 1940s, a freelance wiretapper named Big Jim Vaus got mixed up with the cops, the mob, and the most famous evangelist in America. This week on The Last Archive: The ballad of Big Jim and what the intersections of telephone history and American spirituality reveal about how we understand the phone. 

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Acting Out

49m · Published 13 Jul 09:00

In the 1930s, at a women's reformatory in upstate New York, an upstart social scientist made a study that launched the field of social network analysis. It was revolutionary, but missed something happening at the same time at the same school, something we know now in part from the story of the school's most famous inmate: Ella Fitzgerald.

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