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Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright is back! The Wright Report is a morning news podcast, with updates from America and around the world. Bryan tracks down current events that others don't, and helps us understand why these developments are so important. Plus, he provides analysis based on his experiences as an Intelligence Officer, leaning on facts and data. As always, he leaves listeners with the ultimate decision of what to think about the issues -- and what we ought to do about them. The Wright Report is your morning news brief, available starting April 3rd at 7am Eastern, with reports each morning, Monday through Friday!

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03/01/2024: The Dual at the Border

5m · Published 01 Mar 11:30

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I am on the road today, folks, so no full episode this morning — but I
wanted to flag a few things for you that are on my radar so we can put
them front and center as we think about next week’s episodes, which
will start on Monday.

2/29/2024: Trump vs. Biden: The Showdown at the Southern Border

27m · Published 29 Feb 11:30

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On this unique February 29th edition of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright delivers an insightful analysis of two major stories shaping the United States and the world. The episode kicks off with a highly anticipated "Battle on the Border," where political titans Donald Trump and Joe Biden are set to converge on the southern US border. Wright outlines five critical aspects to watch as these two figures face off in what promises to be a significant event in American politics. Following this, the podcast takes listeners on a comprehensive tour of updates from previous briefs, starting with political developments in California and Michigan, moving to impactful news from Cuba that could influence US border policy, and diving into the latest on the AI Revolution and China's quest for dominance in humanoid robots. The episode concludes with a serious discussion on the increasing prescription of the weight loss drug Wegovy to America's children, addressing the concerns and implications of this trend.

2/28/2024: Beyond the Daily Brief: A Complete Analysis of Ukraine

28m · Published 28 Feb 11:30

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In today's edition of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright brings a specialized focus to the complex situation in Ukraine with an Executive Brief, reminiscent of the in-depth analysis provided to Presidents following their interest in a Daily Brief. This episode echoes a previous deep dive into North Korea on January 19th, now turning our attention to Ukraine amidst its ongoing turmoil. Wright leverages his experience as a former CIA Operations Officer to unpack the intricacies of Ukraine's current situation, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the geopolitical, economic, and social factors at play. This Executive Brief aims to offer a thorough insight into Ukraine, reflecting on its historical context, present challenges, and potential future scenarios that are shaping both the nation and its impact on the global stage.

02/27/2024: White House Showdown: The Battle Over Your Money

34m · Published 27 Feb 11:30

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In today's episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright navigates through critical issues affecting America and the world. The discussion begins with a crucial meeting at the White House, where Congressional leaders are set to debate the future of your finances amidst ongoing debt disputes. Next, we delve into the State of the Union, examining the latest poll numbers that reveal widespread dissatisfaction with Joe Biden and growing pessimism about the US economy. The focus then shifts to the Middle East, where the threat from Iranian-backed terror groups to US troops in the Red Sea region has escalated, contradicting previous Pentagon dismissals. Additionally, we explore the challenges facing American auto makers due to the rise of Chinese car companies in Mexico, highlighting an urgent call for action from the Biden administration. To wrap up, Bryan shares some research on alleviating stress and encourages listeners to engage with the podcast by submitting their questions.

02/26/2024: University Student Murdered by Illegal Alien that Biden's Policies Allowed into the USA

28m · Published 26 Feb 11:30

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In today's edition of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright tackles a range of pressing issues that are shaping America and the world. We start with the tragic murder of a woman in Georgia by an illegal alien, delving into the details of the incident, the background of the perpetrator, and offering practical advice on how to safeguard against such threats. Next, we delve into the intersection of fake news and the AI revolution, spotlighting a Google product accused of harboring anti-white and pro-Democrat biases, and discussing the broader implications for society regardless of political affiliation or race. Lastly, we provide a diverse set of updates from previous briefs, covering topics from Sweden to Kiribati, European farmer protests, and innovative ways to combat loneliness, hinting at the benefits of physical activity.

02/23/2024: Buck Sexton!

45m · Published 23 Feb 11:30

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In today's episode, Bryan welcomes another former CIA Officer and a friend of the show, Buck Sexton! Today's episode is really special and we hope you love it.

2/22/2024: FBI Informant Arrested: Unraveling the Biden Family Probe Mystery

41m · Published 22 Feb 11:30

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On today's episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright delves into the arrest of an FBI informant involved in the Biden Family Corruption investigation, uncovering peculiar circumstances surrounding the case. We also tackle the alarming reality that the United States Government's interest payments for this year will surpass its entire defense budget, analyzing the implications of this financial situation. Additionally, we provide updates on Argentina, geo-engineering, and the challenges facing the mining industry due to backlash against the Dirty Green Revolution. Plus, stay tuned for a special teaser about tomorrow's episode featuring a surprise guest—a former CIA Analyst known for their insights on America, the world, and shared experiences at the CIA with Wright.

2/21/2024: Historic Population Surge: The Unseen Impact of Illegal Migration

34m · Published 21 Feb 11:30

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In a groundbreaking episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright dives into the historic one-year population increase in the United States, primarily fueled by illegal aliens or migrants. This significant demographic shift has not only brought changes within the country but has also altered the balance of power in the US House of Representatives. This episode explores the implications of this shift for American citizens and their families, and the nation at large. Furthermore, Wright discusses the potential measures to address the influx of illegal aliens, providing a comprehensive analysis for listeners concerned about the future of immigration and its impact on American politics and society.

2/20/2024: FBI's Alerts of China's Cyber Threat

33m · Published 20 Feb 11:30

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In today's global expedition on The Wright Report with Bryan Dean Wright, former CIA Operations Officer, we navigate the globe to uncover critical developments. In Germany, the FBI Director warns of Chinese cyber campaigns, raising eyebrows with the Biden White House's adoption of a Chinese cyber tool. In Mexico, Chinese factories are unsettling American automakers with their rapid expansions. Over the Red Sea, Iran's Houthis are causing turmoil by targeting US drones and ships. In Western Africa, we delve into how environmental and health crises could skyrocket chocolate prices. The UK's innovative use of AI in wildlife conservation at a nature reserve is also explored. Finally, we return to Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis is taking a firm stance against retail crime.

2/19/2024: Presidential Fundraising: Who’s Really Backing Biden and Trump?

40m · Published 19 Feb 11:30

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In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright dives into the complexities of current presidential politics, highlighting the contrasting fundraising strategies of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, with a focus on their sources of financial support. We also revisit Bryan’s prediction about China’s potential invasion of Taiwan, with new developments involving AI-powered drones reinforcing the likelihood of conflict. Additionally, we explore the recent exposure of Russia’s classified space program, discussing the possible role of Washington DC's dirty tricks and the implications for global security. Finally, Bryan answers a listener's question about the use of AI in delivering a recent mini-brief, delving into the technology behind it and its connection to a deepfake version of Joe Biden.

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