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02/12/2024: Illegal Immigration Across the U.S.

39m · The Wright Report · 12 Feb 11:30

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A good day to you, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the WrightReport, your daily news podcast. I’ve got a Special Brief for you thismorning that is shaping America and the world.
We take a trip around the United States this morning — looking at theillegal alien crisis with news from Boston to Billings, Montana — andpoint in between.We’ll explore on how this crisis or invasion, depending on yourview is altering the lives of you and your fellow Americans. Later I’ll pivot to my analysis and opinion, encouraging us to put on ourspy hats this morning — and think about this as an intel officer might.In other words, does the news we’re about to learn suggest thatAmerica is heading towards a time of greater stability and prosperityor, rather an era instability and poverty. And if things are looking bad, what might you and I do today? What’swithin our power to do?Then, before we wrap up today, we’ve also got some listener questionsfrom over the weekend.

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wanted to flag a few things for you that are on my radar so we can put
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