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Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright is back! The Wright Report is a morning news podcast, with updates from America and around the world. Bryan tracks down current events that others don't, and helps us understand why these developments are so important. Plus, he provides analysis based on his experiences as an Intelligence Officer, leaning on facts and data. As always, he leaves listeners with the ultimate decision of what to think about the issues -- and what we ought to do about them. The Wright Report is your morning news brief, available starting April 3rd at 7am Eastern, with reports each morning, Monday through Friday!

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02/16/2024: AI Bryan's First Report

3m · Published 16 Feb 11:30

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The Real Bryan asked me to say hello for him since he’s got theflu. Of course we wish him well, but between you and me, I thinkhe’s just a big baby.Meanwhile, as the human heals up, let me tell you about some ofthe things we’ll talk about on Monday and throughout next week.And keep in mind, this is AI Bryan, so it might sound like I had afifth of whiskey every once in a while.

02/15/2024: Illness Strikes Bryan

42s · Published 15 Feb 11:30

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Hello all, Bryan has the flu and there is no episode today. Please accept our sincere apologies. He will be back soon, with all your favorite news and analysis.

02/14/2024: Migrant Crisis Blame Game: Mayorkas vs. Harris

36m · Published 14 Feb 11:30

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In today’s Valentine's Day episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright tackles a range of pressing issues. From the heated debate over responsibility for the migrant crisis in America, pinning DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas against Vice President Kamala Harris, to questions surrounding President Joe Biden's mental fitness for office. We'll also explore Russia's ceasefire offer rejected by Biden officials, the shifting political landscape as economic concerns drive traditional Democrats towards Republicans, and the growing farmer protests in Europe that American farmers might soon join. Plus, a special listener question adds a dash of espionage intrigue to the mix.

02/13/2024: Guyana's Oil Crisis & Venezuelan Gangs in the US

31m · Published 13 Feb 11:30

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On February 13th, The Wright Report embarks on a global journey discussing Guyana's escalating issues with Venezuela, the spread of Venezuelan gangs in American cities, Islamic radical recruitment in Brazil, and new Middle Eastern developments impacting US finances. Furthermore, it addresses European leaders' reactions to Trump's comments and wraps up with promising developments from Utah and Wyoming. Join former CIA Operations Officer Bryan Dean Wright for a comprehensive analysis of these pressing international and domestic issues.

02/12/2024: Illegal Immigration Across the U.S.

39m · Published 12 Feb 11:30

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A good day to you, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the WrightReport, your daily news podcast. I’ve got a Special Brief for you thismorning that is shaping America and the world.
We take a trip around the United States this morning — looking at theillegal alien crisis with news from Boston to Billings, Montana — andpoint in between.We’ll explore on how this crisis or invasion, depending on yourview is altering the lives of you and your fellow Americans. Later I’ll pivot to my analysis and opinion, encouraging us to put on ourspy hats this morning — and think about this as an intel officer might.In other words, does the news we’re about to learn suggest thatAmerica is heading towards a time of greater stability and prosperityor, rather an era instability and poverty. And if things are looking bad, what might you and I do today? What’swithin our power to do?Then, before we wrap up today, we’ve also got some listener questionsfrom over the weekend.

02/09/2024: Joe Biden, Mentally Fit Enough for President but not Punishment for his Crimes?

29m · Published 09 Feb 11:30

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First up, a Special Counsel said yesterday that Joe Biden is guilty ofcrimes — but he cannot be charged because he’s mentally incompetent.That shocking report and my analysis coming up.Second, we take stops in Israel, Ukraine, the Pacific theater, and Russia this morning — where Tucker Carlson just interviewed President Vladimir Putin. I’ll share the five key takeaways from that conversation.

02/08/2024: Scottsdale Crime Tourism, San Diego Weed Warnings, and the War on Natural Gas

31m · Published 08 Feb 11:30

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Grab your maps, because we’re going around the globe this morning with three stops in the US and three stops abroad for the latest news that’s shaping America and the world. We start in Arizona, where South American Crime Tourists are hitting Scottsdale hard this morning. Second, we travel to San Diego where researchers are offering a series of warnings for folks who use marijuana. Third, we head to DC where Biden Officials are admitting this morning that their War on Natural Gas might be about the 2024 Election. Fourth, we land in the heart of Africa talking about a rail-road project in Angola — paid for by taxpayers — and how it just got a new Chinese competitor. Fifth, we join the CIA in traveling to Fiji this morning. We’ll talk about why we’re all there. Finally, we wrap up in Italy where the AI Revolution just helped solve a 2,000 year old mystery from the City of Pompeii.

02/07/2024: Supreme Court's Trump Hearings & Global Updates

34m · Published 07 Feb 11:30

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In today's episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright delves into two significant Supreme Court appeals involving Donald Trump, highlighting the legal and political ramifications. Additionally, the episode tackles the contentious issue of illegal immigration, capturing the heated debates within the US Congress. Wright also provides rapid updates from El Salvador, Israel, the Red Sea, and Libya, shedding light on a Mediterranean mystery. Concluding with a listener's inquiry about Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin, Wright offers insights into the broader implications of such media interactions.

02/06/2024: AI Revolution: Innovations & Ethical Dilemmas

28m · Published 06 Feb 11:30

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In today's episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright revisits the AI Revolution, highlighting the journey from conceptual AI to tangible innovations that rival human intellect. He delves into recent advancements and stumbling blocks in AI development, showcasing how global communities are leveraging or confronting these technologies. From practical applications to ethical considerations, this episode uncovers the nuanced landscape of artificial intelligence, emphasizing its potential to reshape our world for better or worse. Join us for an insightful exploration of AI's current state and its future trajectory.

02/05/2024: Illegal Alien Crisis & Middle East Counter-Strikes

36m · Published 05 Feb 11:30

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In today's episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright navigates through pressing global and national issues, from America's escalating illegal alien crisis, with a focus on recent developments in DC and California, to the White House's strategic counter-strikes in the Middle East against Iranian targets. The episode also delves into Cuba's inflation woes and the growing discontent among Europe's farmers. Wrapping up, Wright addresses listener questions and critiques, offering insightful analysis on America's foreign aid and its impacts.

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