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Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright is back! The Wright Report is a morning news podcast, with updates from America and around the world. Bryan tracks down current events that others don't, and helps us understand why these developments are so important. Plus, he provides analysis based on his experiences as an Intelligence Officer, leaning on facts and data. As always, he leaves listeners with the ultimate decision of what to think about the issues -- and what we ought to do about them. The Wright Report is your morning news brief, available starting April 3rd at 7am Eastern, with reports each morning, Monday through Friday!

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04/18/23: Dirty Green Energy - Wind Farms and Electric Vehicle Batteries

23m · Published 18 Apr 11:00

On today's episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses four stories shaping America and the world. We'll explore how the US Pentagon warns that wind energy may jeopardize national security, the impact of wind farms on bird populations in Europe, the dangers of electric bike batteries, and a Chinese company with hidden Communist Party support setting up a battery plant in Michigan. Later, we'll address a listener's question about the Anheuser-Busch CEO and discuss a study on the effects of beer on family planning.

04/17/23: Whistleblower or Traitor? The Debate Over the Pentagon Leaker

26m · Published 17 Apr 11:00

In today's Special Edition of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright takes you around the world to provide updates on the leaked Top Secret intelligence from the US Pentagon. We'll visit Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America to discuss the impact of these leaks on global affairs and their potential consequences for you and your family. Later, we'll delve into the ongoing debate about the leaker's identity and whether he is a whistleblower or a traitor.

04/14/23: Electric Vehicles, Farmer's Rights, and Dirty Green Energy

3m · Published 14 Apr 11:27

In today's episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright announces his upcoming appearance on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. While there won't be a regular show today, Bryan previews a series of stories to be covered on Monday's episode, touching on electric vehicles, public charging stations, farmers' rights, developments in Honduras and El Salvador, and North Korea's latest ballistic missile test. Also, stay tuned for the launch of a special series called "Dirty Green Energy," exploring the global energy revolution and its impact.

04/13/23: Russia vs. Ukraine: No Peace in Sight, According to Leaked Info

23m · Published 13 Apr 11:03

In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses the impending expiration of a crucial immigration policy and its potential impact on America's southern border. We also delve into the latest economic news concerning inflation. Shifting to international affairs, we provide an update on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine based on leaked classified material from a US Service Member. Finally, we explore the intensifying space race between the US and China as Beijing announces a new timeline for lunar mining operations.

04/12/23: US Troops in Ukraine: Leaked Pentagon Documents Reveal Shocking Truth

26m · Published 12 Apr 11:08

In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright shares new information from leaked Pentagon documents revealing American troops on the ground in Ukraine. We then provide an update on the investigation into the sabotage of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines in Europe. Additionally, we discuss the growing threat to the global dominance of the US Dollar and its significance for everyday people. Finally, we explain the absence of ads on the Wright Report and how it relates to the mission of rebuilding American greatness.

04/11/23: US Economy Forecast: Key Data Releases and Their Impact

24m · Published 11 Apr 11:05

In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses upcoming economic data releases and their potential impact on the US economy. We then examine Ford's patent application for remote car control technology and its potential misuse by hackers or governments. We also cover international news, starting with Egypt's plans to provide Russia with rockets for the war in Ukraine and its implications. Next, we warn tourists about cartel-run timeshares in Mexico. We then explore the race between the US and China to reach the Moon. Lastly, we respond to a listener's question about why China's role as the world's biggest polluter is often overlooked in climate change discussions.

04/10/23: Can the White House Stand Up to the CCP?

28m · Published 10 Apr 11:00

In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses the easing of the mega drought in the Western US due to record snow levels and its significance for the public. We then examine a lawsuit in Hawaii where children claim that road construction infringes on their rights to good health and a clean environment, and a judge's agreement. We also explore public opinion on China and the White House's ability to confront the Communist Party. Lastly, we discuss the French President's shocking statement about China and its implications, followed by a new Weekend Roundup segment with updates on Mexico and the leaked Pentagon documents.

March Jobs Report: What to Expect for US Economy

27m · Published 07 Apr 11:02

In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright covers the upcoming release of the US March jobs report and the increasing demand for workers above 55, who are believed to have a stronger work ethic than younger workers. We then turn our attention to international events as the Pentagon loses control of Top Secret documents detailing Ukraine's military plans and strength. Next, we travel to Chad to discuss assassinations, Russian involvement, and the potential impact on Americans. Finally, Bryan shares hopeful medical news about managing autism symptoms in response to a listener's email request.

04//06/23: Defund the Police: A Shocking Murder's Stark Warning

34m · Published 06 Apr 11:00

In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses the potential risk of America's power grid being plunged into darkness due to the shift to solar and wind energy. We examine a shocking murder in San Francisco, highlighting the dangers of the Defund the Police movement. Then, we explore the new mayor of Chicago's plans to expand the city's Sanctuary City status and its national security implications. We also delve into a Chinese simulation that reveals how long the US has if North Korea launches a nuclear attack. Lastly, we cover the surprising tax revenue increase in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime compared to the previous US-backed government.

04/05/23: The Political Undertones of Trump's Legal Battle

28m · Published 05 Apr 11:00

In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright, a former CIA Operations Officer, discusses key topics shaping America and the world. First, he delves into former US President Donald Trump's arraignment, the charges, the legal case strength, and the potential political bias of the judge. Next, he covers Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to Poland, facing opposition from local farmers, and its implications. The episode continues with the Mexican President's controversial statement on China and the fentanyl crisis, questioning the trustworthiness of America's southern neighbor. Finally, Bryan shares two uplifting studies highlighting the benefits of exercise for longevity and family-building.

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