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Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright is back! The Wright Report is a morning news podcast, with updates from America and around the world. Bryan tracks down current events that others don't, and helps us understand why these developments are so important. Plus, he provides analysis based on his experiences as an Intelligence Officer, leaning on facts and data. As always, he leaves listeners with the ultimate decision of what to think about the issues -- and what we ought to do about them. The Wright Report is your morning news brief, available starting April 3rd at 7am Eastern, with reports each morning, Monday through Friday!

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01/03/2024: Harvard President's Resignation: Anti-Semitism and Plagiarism

35m · Published 03 Jan 11:30

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In today's episode, Bryan Dean Wright discusses the resignation of Harvard's president amidst plagiarism and anti-Semitism issues, the Biden administration's easing of migrant vetting from China, and significant updates from the Middle East including a deceased Hamas leader, Israel's strategic military shifts, and Iran's nuclear advancements. The episode also addresses listener queries from the UNSCRIPTED series, including a personal insight into Wright's family legacy featured on his Substack videos.

01/02/2024: Joe Biden's Electoral Struggles and Kamala Harris' Worsening Outlook

33m · Published 02 Jan 11:30

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In this episode, Bryan Dean Wright covers Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris' electoral challenges, dubious Mexican promises on border crisis, and key medical news for 2024. The episode also delves into the implications of Trump's statement about being a dictator for a day, in response to a listener's question. Wright combines political analysis with health advice, offering a comprehensive view of current events and their potential impacts on daily life and future political landscapes.

1/1/2024: Record-Breaking Illegal Immigration, War, and Elections... Happy New Year

32m · Published 01 Jan 11:30

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In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses a record-breaking number of illegal migrant crossings in America, the latest developments in the Middle East affecting US service members and the economy, and a curious case of disappearing Chinese military generals. Wright concludes with a response to a listener's concern about Donald Trump's exclusion from primary ballots, offering insights into the potential political ramifications of this decision.

12/29/2023: UNSCRIPTED | The Future of America

47m · Published 29 Dec 11:30

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In the final episode of The Wright Report's UNSCRIPTED series, Bryan Dean Wright delves into the future of America. Drawing on past briefs and his extensive experience, Wright discusses the nation's trajectory, addressing critical questions on where the country is headed. This episode offers a comprehensive analysis of America's upcoming challenges and opportunities, blending Wright's expert opinion with factual data to provide a thought-provoking outlook on America's future.

12/28/2023: UNSCRIPTED | My Time in the CIA

44m · Published 28 Dec 11:30

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In this third installment of The Wright Report's UNSCRIPTED series, Bryan Dean Wright offers a personal glimpse into his journey from CIA operations officer to podcast host. Addressing listener questions, Wright shares insights into his CIA experiences, the evolution of his podcast, and his vision for 2024. This episode provides a candid conversation, blending professional reflections with future aspirations, offering listeners a unique perspective on Wright's impactful career and the future of 'The Wright Report.'

12/27/2023: UNSCRIPTED | Migration, Socialism & Voting

38m · Published 27 Dec 11:30

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In the second installment of The Wright Report's UNSCRIPTED series, Bryan Dean Wright delves into pressing issues in US Politics. This episode addresses listener queries on topics ranging from the migration crisis and the rise of socialism, to the efficacy of voting in current times. Wright provides unscripted, in-depth analysis and opinions, backed by facts and data, offering a unique perspective as a former CIA Operations Officer on the complexities of American politics.

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12/26/2023: UNSCRIPTED | The Middle East and Asia

43m · Published 26 Dec 11:30

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Join Bryan Dean Wright in the first episode of the UNSCRIPTED series on The Wright Report, where he tackles listener questions about the Middle East and Asia. This episode provides an unfiltered conversation on terrorism, China's geopolitical strategies, and the intricacies of regional power dynamics. Wright offers his unscripted analysis and insights, drawing on facts, data, and his experience as a former CIA Operations Officer.

12/25/2023: Christmas Miracles

14m · Published 25 Dec 11:30

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The Wright Report's 2023 Christmas Special! Merry Christmas Y'all!

12/22/2023: Christmas Cold

1m · Published 22 Dec 11:30

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Back on Monday with a special Christmas Morning Message. Enjoy your weekend everybody :)

12/21/2023: The AI Revolution

23m · Published 21 Dec 11:30

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Today is a full episode on the AI Revolution. That’s our continuing lookat how Artificial Intelligence is changing America and the world.As listeners know, we started this exploration of AI back on July 11th— with a lot of updates since.Today we’ve got even more, covering the issues of health, the economy,energy, the battle against drugs, stopping drones, and even how apolitician in Pakistan is using AI to campaign — from jail.So let’s continue our conversations this morning about The Revolution in Artificial Intelligence.

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