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The Wright Report

by Bryan Dean Wright

Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright is back! The Wright Report is a morning news podcast, with updates from America and around the world. Bryan tracks down current events that others don't, and helps us understand why these developments are so important. Plus, he provides analysis based on his experiences as an Intelligence Officer, leaning on facts and data. As always, he leaves listeners with the ultimate decision of what to think about the issues -- and what we ought to do about them. The Wright Report is your morning news brief, available starting April 3rd at 7am Eastern, with reports each morning, Monday through Friday!

Copyright: 2024 BDW


02/02/2024: NYC Migrant Attacks & Ukraine Military Shakeup

28m · Published 02 Feb 11:30

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In today's episode, The Wright Report covers a series of pressing issues including violent incidents by illegal migrants in NYC, South American crime rings' operations across the US, and significant military leadership changes in Ukraine. The episode also presents new polling data from the ongoing State of the Union series. Wrapping up, there's a lighter note with uplifting news related to dogs, exercise, and a positive story from California, providing a balanced view of current events and their implications.

02/01/2024: Swing State Polling Insights & Mexico's Presidential Scandal

31m · Published 01 Feb 11:30

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In this episode, The Wright Report delves into new polling data from key swing states for the upcoming Presidential election, highlighting potential frontrunners and electoral dynamics. The episode also covers Michigan's efforts to save a critical nuclear power plant, significant European concerns about a non-Putin figure, and allegations of the Mexican President accepting bribes from a drug cartel. These topics provide a comprehensive view of current political and international affairs, reflecting the intricate interplay of global politics, energy concerns, and the war on drugs.

01/31/2024: US Battles Chinese Hacking & Oregon's Drug Decriminalization Issues

33m · Published 31 Jan 11:30

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In this update-heavy episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright revisits critical topics: the evolving situation of Chinese malware in US infrastructure, Trump's strategy for reclaiming manufacturing from Asia, government surveillance through digital exhaust, and Oregon's reevaluation of its drug decriminalization policies. Additionally, the episode examines US Representative Ilhan Omar's latest controversy and its implications for America. These updates provide insights into significant ongoing national and international issues, reflecting changes and developments since their initial discussion in the podcast.

01/30/2024: US Faces South American Crime Waves & Ukraine's Corruption Worsens

35m · Published 30 Jan 11:30

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In the January 30th episode, The Wright Report covers Joe Biden's campaign challenges with Arab Americans in Michigan and the increasing criminal activities by South American rings, especially from Chile. The episode marks the controversial case of an Arizona rancher and analyzes the halt of a natural gas terminal in Louisiana. It also delves into Ukraine's deepening corruption with a recent $40M scandal. Bryan Dean Wright responds to a listener's query about a drone attack in Jordan, prompting a broader discussion on America's strategic response and future challenges.

01/29/2024: US Southern Border Crisis Deepens & Middle East Tensions Rise

39m · Published 29 Jan 11:30

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In the January 29th episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses the escalating crisis at America’s southern border, including a new Senate deal and Donald Trump's opposition to it. The episode also covers recent attacks on U.S. forces in the Middle East, leading to the deaths of American servicemen, and examines the restrained U.S. response towards Iran. Additionally, Wright answers listener queries about sharing sensitive information post-CIA career and spy gadgets, sharing an intriguing anecdote involving a 'smelly shoe' for a young listener.

01/26/2024: Governors Unite Against Invasion Crisis & Florida's Social Media Ban for Kids

32m · Published 26 Jan 11:30

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In the January 26th episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses a growing constitutional crisis in America, with 25 governors joining Texas in response to the nation's invasion issue. The episode also highlights Florida's proposed ban on social media for individuals under 16, escalating farmer protests in Europe, and Iraq's request for the withdrawal of 2,500 U.S. troops. Additionally, a listener from Utah seeks insight into the concept of 'hard targets' in espionage, which Wright addresses in his unique analytical style.

01/25/2024: Texas Defies Biden on Migration & Ukraine's Surprising Warfare

25m · Published 25 Jan 11:30

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In the January 25th episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses Texas' challenge to the Biden administration and Supreme Court over illegal migration policies. The episode also delves into significant insights from the New Hampshire primary, contributing to the ongoing analysis of the State of the Union. Additionally, it covers Ohio's legislative actions on transgender policies and a European General's perspective on Russia's unexpected military effectiveness in Ukraine, highlighting potential intelligence oversights.

01/24/2024: Israeli Soldiers Tragedy & Trump's New Hampshire Victory

40m · Published 24 Jan 11:30

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On January 24th, The Wright Report covers the death of Israeli soldiers by Hamas and the implications of the Philadelphi Corridor. Additionally, it discusses Donald Trump's victory in New Hampshire and its potential effects on the 2024 Election. The episode also explores shifting social dynamics in the US, particularly in terms of economic and immigration policies. Listener questions about socialism, the CIA, and a former US military general are addressed.

01/23/2024: Global Immigration Crisis: U.S. and Beyond

34m · Published 23 Jan 11:30

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In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright offers a global perspective on critical issues affecting America and beyond. The episode covers updates on the U.S. immigration crisis, a significant reduction in El Salvador's murder rate, and the situation in Finland with migrants from Iran. It also discusses the implications of an oil pipeline in western Canada, ongoing violence by Islamic terrorists in the Congo, and the strategic moves by Western automakers in South Africa. This comprehensive episode connects these diverse global events and their potential impact on the U.S. and international communities.

1/22/2024: U.S. Southern Border Crisis: Biden's "Change of Heart"

39m · Published 22 Jan 11:30

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In this episode of The Wright Report, Bryan Dean Wright discusses the White House's admission of an insecure U.S. southern border, signaling a significant policy shift by President Biden. The episode also delves into Connecticut's controversial election redo due to ballot irregularities. Further, Wright provides an update on the Middle East, including recent U.S. military casualties and heightened missile activity in the region. The episode concludes with a discussion on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdrawing from the presidential race and its implications for the political landscape.

The Wright Report has 286 episodes in total of non- explicit content. Total playtime is 129:11:42. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on February 26th 2023. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on April 12th, 2024 11:11.

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